Why men behave badly

Why men behave badly


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Men and women are different. They tend to mask those differences and say that a human being is still a human being, regardless of their gender. We are subject to the same moral imperfections and I agree that women should receive equal pay for equal work and they should be treated with respect, but I think that we should embrace the harmony as well as the discord generated by our difference.

Men can be rude

There are some differences that prove more difficult to manage. For instance, men can act a bit rude; our body functions are sources of amusement, we are loud, visceral, oblivious and insensitive. We tend to celebrate a small victory with a display of arrogance but we can do whatever we can to cover up a defeat. We are proud and protective and we drive women crazy.

Too much control

There are women who embrace the principle of gender separation. They want a man to be a man. However, if you are in a relationship where the woman demands it to you, you somehow tend to cease to grow as a man. You will need a challenge and that will be the beginning of the end. Avoid showing your friendly behavior in front of your girlfriend because if she doesn’t argue with you because of that, you will blame her for her tacit approval.

Wake up call for women

If your woman doesn’t say anything about your inappropriate behavior, it will be like she would give you green light to ignoring her in front of your friends or do whatever you like instead of taking her out for dinner. If she lets it slide, she becomes an accomplice to your bad manner but you must learn to respect her and never use her silence as an excuse to treat her poorly. 

Her body language may tell part of the story but if she remains silent and neglects to point out ways you can improve as a man, forget about being "reformed." Both partners need to do their share.

Encourage her to speak up

You must encourage her to speak out when you are making a mistake. She must say it then and not in a latter unrelated argument. Neither men nor women are mind readers. Inform us about the mistakes to prevent a future relationship failure.

Equal responsibility

A relationship should be a system of checks and balances. Men have to control their masculine impulse. You can still be the man, but you must also be sensitive and interplay between your behavior and the expected feminine response. Keep your radar on and keep your foot away from your mouth.

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