Why women like it when men initiate contact

Why women like it when men initiate contact


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You and me both know that we don’t like rejection and dealing with is even harder than the actual experience. In the past, man had assumed the role of the hunter and women the role of the prey. This gives women the upper hand, when a man tries to approach her.

Women enjoy it the most when men initiate contact, whether it’s a conversation, a relationship, intercourse and so on. This is simply because you put your ego on the line for rejection and the only way to turn this situation around is to find a very confident woman to ask you out, but since it happens so rarely you still are the one who has to do all the work and convincing.

The signs are there

Body language, gestures and facial expressions are the big give away and if you see that all the signs are there, why shouldn’t you talk to her or ask her out? Unless you are scared to do so, you should wait until you feel more confident and try to build up the courage to talk to her.

Feeling intimidated

When you are at a party or a larger gathering, women tend to be more defensive. Therefore when trying to initiate a conversation with a woman the whole experience can become terrifying, but what about when you want to initiate intimacy? It’s even worse. If you are not in a real and committed relationship and a woman tries to initiate intimacy it seems to be a bit of a turn-off, it kills the joy of “the hunt”.

Watch out for the drunken women who want to get into bed with you, even if it seems fun and exciting, deep down inside, you know that it could be just the alcohol talking.

So now you know, regardless of what your intentions towards a woman are, be the one to make the first move, they’ll appreciate it more.

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