You versus her ex

You versus her ex


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A relationship is like free access to a life filled with treasure. You will experience pleasure, fun, harmony, love, respect, partnership and adventure with the help of just one person.

But what if this lovely scenery is destroyed by your girlfriend constantly comparing you with her ex-boyfriend? How should you think about your relationship then?

The Ex files

If your partner constantly compares you to her ex, you will soon become annoyed and start asking questions. If she does this repeatedly it might show that she is looking for someone better than you.

It’s certain that she doesn’t know how much this is affecting you. It’s something normal to aim for the best when it’s about love, but women need to stop chasing shadows and get real sometimes.

A piece of advice

There are women who will compare anything to anyone. Your problem is not that your girlfriend is comparing you with her ex, but that she compares you. You see, some women are infected with the virus of true love which they found pictured on in each chick flick and Hollywood production. The sort of “happily ever after” nonsense is making her seek for the best. She doesn’t really want to get back with her ex, she is just comparing you with the closest thing she knows, in the idea of love. She left her ex for a reason and that reason was that he wasn’t a perfect man. But guess what? You’re not perfect either. So what to do?

Speak your mind

If you discover that she has a problem with you meeting the guys for a beer, try to figure out what’s the problem. In case you spend just a night out of 7 with your guys, why is she so annoyed by the fact that you leave her home alone? Anyway, she is doing the same thing with her best female friends so what’s the problem. You might find out that her ex used to go out on Friday and get back home only Monday afternoon therefore she remained paranoid of you doing the same thing to her. Well tell her nicely, that this is not the case since you’re clearly worth more than her ex.

Shake the ground under her feet, just a little

Next time she does that to you, comparing you with her ex, tell her that he is her ex for a reason and by now she should’ve figure out that you’re way different than him so she should cut you some slack and get real. Tell her that if she continues in this way, denying what she has (yes, you), she can add another ex to her list. That will get her back to her senses and hopefully, if she is smart enough, start appreciating you for who you really are. 

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