Your friends won’t like your girlfriend

Your friends won’t like your girlfriend


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You love your girlfriend so much and you are so happy to be with her that you immediately want to introduce her to your friends. Soon enough you find out that they hate her and already started searching for a better girl for you.

Take it or leave it

It is said that love is blind, well guess what? It really is! Once you got those butterflies going on in your belly, your vision will get blurred and your senses high.

That’s the moment when your friends will act like your eyes and judge your relationship using their objective minds. None of them will want you to end up with a lunatic girlfriend so you have to trust them, right?

The buddy vowel

This is a pact that you make with your buddies when you are still single. This pact usually includes laws like “Never leave a friend behind for a woman” or “Never mistrust a friend when he says something about a girl.”

These pacts are usually made between men who trust and care about each other. Therefore, if your friends act in your best interests, they will give you their clear and objective opinion on the girl you’re with. This might save you from a broken heart because if all you see in her is good and beauty, they will see all the other aspects.

Clues that they don’t like your new girlfriend

Even before they get the chance to speak their minds, you can look for some signs in their behavior and words which might indicate how much they dislike her.

They are too busy

You can’t meet your friends as often as you did before because they are too busy preparing themselves for a night out with the hope of finding a lady.

You surprised them with your birthday

She prepared a surprise birthday party for you and your friends but the only surprise was that they never showed up.

In your face: “She’s no good!”

Your friends decided to tell it straight to your face that if they were to be trapped in a house with her they would rather eat rat poison than what she cooked for them.

Always criticizing her

They constantly find something unsatisfactory about her presence. Something like “weird nose”, “fat ass” or “skinny legs”.

They never use her name

If you talk about her with them and they use all kinds of invented names for her, it’s obvious that even her mere existence annoys them.

They don’t call you back

You want to call them and ask them to hang out but you discover that they changed their numbers-twice!

She answers the phone, they hang up

If they try to reach your house number and she answers, they hang up immediately and then call you on your mobile phone.

So what will you choose?

Are you so convinced that they got her wrong and in fact, she is really as great as you see her? Eventually, you will stop being high on love and see her with lucid eyes, until then you should talk to your buddies and tell them how much they upset you when they act like this. If they really care for you, they will make a compromise and stand by your side until you’re recovered from love poisoning. 

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