Taking her to dinner, or not?

I understand that we are not supposed to pay for a woman’s attention and affection and this is not what I intend to do, but at some point I think I would like to take a woman out for dinner. Would not it be a right thing to do if we already went out a couple of times to have tea or coffee? What else can I do?

Question from: Aiden

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The thing about taking women to dinner is that many times, men think of it as an investment and not so much as a date. You should not feel the need to pay to have her attention; this is why I do not really encourage men to take women to dinner.

However, if you think this is a nice woman and you want to take her out, you should not make it in such a way as to make her believe that you need her presence and you are willing to spend money to have her next to you. You can make a casual invitation telling her there’s a restaurant you really like and you want to go and if she wants to join you she is more than welcomed. Once the bill comes, you can pay for both of you, but again, do it like it is a polite thing to do and not an obligation. In this way you will be the one in control and she will realize you went to dinner to talk and spend time together and it was not an investment on your part to have her there with you.

Women have been fighting a lot to be equal to men so they should not be treated any less. However, because you are a gentleman you are willing to pay for her as well. Make her feel comfortable, but not like she is making you a favor to go out for dinner.

You can also think about other places where you can go, less expensive and more entertaining.

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