5 tips for dating foreigners

5 tips for dating foreigners


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You can get to know a nation better by living somewhere abroad and befriending the locals, but the best way to do it is by dating a citizen of a different nation. Some people like foreigners and others do not even think about dating one, but the truth is, you have much to learn when you do it. This is because people share more about themselves and their country in private than in other contexts.

Of course, it is difficult to date someone from a faraway country, but there is so much to gain from it, and some people even get married precisely because of the fact that they were really excited about this cultural exchange which made their relationship more interesting. Here are some tips you should take into consideration when dating a foreigner.

  1. 1.       Missunderstandings are common

Miscommunication is very common in mixed couples even if both of them speak English fluently. This is because no matter how well you might speak Enghlish, you are not a native and missunderstandings often occur. She might say one thing which has a different meaning than the one you understand. This is why, whenever you feel like you don’t get along because something awkward was said, just talk about it and clear things up.

  1. 2.       In their home country people are different

Many times people are different in their own countries, for instance an Italian would be more Italian at home, than in another country because they feel more comfortable to be themselves. This is why, when you get serious with a foreigner, you should also visit their country to see how they behave at home. Then you can decide if you like the person as a whole or just the person who lives now in another country than her own.

  1. 3.       It’s all about learning

If you decide to date a foreigner you have to be open-minded and willing to learn about her culture: traditional food, art, customs, anything. The same should apply to your girlfirend because this is a two-way process and it will enrich your culture and improve the communication between you. You do not have to like everything about her culture, but you have to be open to new experiences.

  1. 4.       Learning the language

When dating a foreigner you should try to learn at least a bit of their language because it really makes fun and it shows that you care. Moreover, learning the language will help you understand her better and improve your level of communication because you will start to understand how she thinks. Language is not just words, it’s the way she expresses herself and what she thinks and it’s always useful to learn a new language.


  1. 5.       Respect the cultural differences

The thing you should always remember is that regardless where they are from, people do the same things, but in different ways. They may use different cutlery, vehicles and clothing, but the purpose is the same. When you date a foreigner you can both share your experience and find the best way to do things and be more practical.

No matter where she is from, once you decide to date a foreigner you will notice the benefits of the difference in culture which can make your relationship a lot more fun than a relationship with a local.

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