Your ex “likes” your Facebook posts

Your ex “likes” your Facebook posts


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Lately, it became impossible to have a relationship without connecting without having your current or ex-girlfriend on Facebook, too. Facebook is like the black book for those who are in a relationship. Some of today’s couples even met on Facebook.

Funny or not, Facebook even became cited in the modern divorce papers, this is how big and important this social media site became.

Therefore, it’s obvious that in love as in justice, Facebook plays a big hand and has a word or two to say.

I am sure that if you have a Facebook account you already seen some break-up signs in one of your friend’s posts.  Either it’s about melodramatic heartbroken love songs or just angry status updates, exes show their sufferance online, too.

Therefore, if you keep your Facebook profile open to your ex-girlfriend she will be able to see everything that you do, where you go out, who are you seeing, what mood your music describes, etc.

At times, exes stop being silent and start to “like” your posts or share your music videos. Of course that you will start asking yourself what happened and if are these signs that she wants you back in her life and has no courage to say so. Here we tried to give you some possible explanations and answers.

1. Still caring for you

A relationship is based on feelings and attachment. When a relationship ends, those feelings which developed between the two of you over time, still need more time to fade.

If she is “liking” your activity on Facebook, perhaps she just wants to show you that she still cares for you and that those feelings haven’t passed yet, even if your relationship ended.

2. She wants you back

You have to make sure and don’t mix up “still caring for” with “I want you back”. It’s a tricky thing, but if you understand her “likes” as a sign that she wants back in the relationship, when she actually just cares about you, you might suffer some emotional trauma.

Still, it’s true that some people use to “like“ some Facebook posts of their exes to make them remember about them and about the break-up, also hoping to have a reason for reconnecting.

3. She wants to stick around

Romantic relationships are famous for making people unable to decide clearly on what they want or what they need.

If she is still in your Facebook friends list and keeps “liking” your online activity from time to time, perhaps she just doesn’t want to lose you as a saving possibility for a lonely night. Or, perhaps she knows that the two of you could never be together again, but she is unable to cut ties for good and prefers to check up on you from time to time.

4. It’s just a “like”. Take it like that

There is the possibility that this “like” means nothing more than it is, a “like”. Perhaps she just likes your posts, regardless of her past relationship with you. Sadly, not everything has a deeper meaning, perhaps your cheesecake picture just really looked that good.

Finally, receiving many “likes” on your Facebook activity from your ex-girlfriend is not enough to reconsider your position regarding your past relationship.

If you don’t want to get back to her, ignore the “likes” or even remove her from your Facebook friends list. But if you want her back, you should talk in-person with her, not on Facebook. 

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