Communication is the key to happiness

Communication is the key to happiness


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You already know that communication is the key to everything: a key to great sex, to parenting and a successful marriage. This is because women are communicators; they love to talk and be listened to and this is why for them it is really important that you take the time to understand their feelings.

Some people use communication for the good and others for the bad.There are men who start dating a woman and then, all of the sudden, they stop communicating with her; no more phone calls or text messages, they don’t even answer if they are called and this makes women go crazy.

The worst thing for a woman is not telling her that you found someone else or that you are not interested in her anymore, but rather telling her nothing at all. Uncertainty leaves women sleepless and stressed because all they can do is wonder what happened and what might have gone wrong.

There are men who advise this type of behavior to other men, but to be fair, this is actually a really mean thing to do. Nobody likes to be ignored especially if there was something between you. Be a gentleman and be honest to her if you are not interested in dating her anymore. She might get upset, but at least she will know for sure that you will not see each other anymore and she will move on.

For a woman to be happy she needs to express her feelings and communicate with her partner. When this does not happen, she gets all stressed and agitated. You should never do to someone something you would not like to be done to you. No matter what it is that you did not like about her, do not just stop any kind of communication with her. Be upfront about it and clear things up. She will appreciate it a lot and you will avoid any kind of resentment.

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