American women vs. Romanian women

American women vs. Romanian women


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Between the American women and the Romanian ones, there are a lot of differences in the way they act, think and carry themselves. The Romanian women aren’t don’t keep their guard always up, they are friendlier and they are family oriented. That is why nowadays, many western men turn to marriage agencies, international dating sites such as  or embark on trips to foreign lands in search of romance.

What makes Romanian women so different from American ones?

1. Romanian women have more traditional values, being family oriented, focusing primarily on their family not on their careers, unlike American women who after the women’s liberation movement have started to sacrifice many of these values, their career being on the first place, and family on the second one.

2. Romanian women tend to stay in shape and keep their feminine curves even into their 30’s and 40’s whereas American women tend to deal very often with obesity. Obesity is a common condition in wealthier countries and women are more prone to gain weight and, unlike Romanian women, they do not take care so much of their appearance.

3. American women do not treat their men as good as Romanian women. Unlike American women, Romanian ones love to cook, not only for their men and family, but also for their friends. They don’t see this as a burden or a form of submissiveness, but they see it as a privilege which helps them solidify their roles within the relationships.

4. Romanian women are less materialistic due to the fact that they have not fallen prey to the consumer-driven mindset that have been indoctrinated to so many American women (and men). They are taught to cherish and care about things that really matter. That is why, in a certain way, Romanian women are easier to please from a material point of view.

5. Just as western men treat better foreign women, so do Romanian women treat foreign men better than local men. Many Romanian women are not treated well and appreciated by local men. They are cheated on, not only by men but also by the society which favors the patriarchal figure more.

6. Romanian women are more open-minded than American women when it comes to dating older men.

With the recent blooming of the Internet, dating sites, including, it is easier for Western men to date Romanian women and now that you have found out some of the advantages of dating them, you are free to find out more on your own.

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