Why I married a Romanian

Why I married a Romanian


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Jacques lives in Marseille, France and he sent us a letter telling us why he married a Romanian woman.

“I was 35 when I decided to try online dating. I reached the point in my life when I was disappointed with every date I had. I was just wasting my time looking for something I started thinking I would never find. All I wanted was to find a nice, strong woman with whom I could bond and start a serious relationship.

After 1 year of unsuccessful online dating, I started to lose any hope that I will ever marry (heh), but out of the blue, like most amazing things in this life happen, this wonderful woman contacted me saying that she thought I was an interesting man with whom she could relate. I did not give her too much attention as I had already been fooled by pretty looks before, but I thought it would be polite to give her an answer.

Soon, I found myself spending most of my time talking to this woman. I could not wait to come home from work and chat with her. She told me she was from Romania and she wanted to meet a serious and kind man with whom she could talk. Her photos were really beautiful and her long dark hair and blue eyes charmed me.

She had a really kind soul and she listened to everything I had to say, gave me an advice whenever I needed one. She seemed so compassionate and understanding that I could not help myself but think that I HAVE to meet her in person. The only problem was that she was living so far away from me, but she told me we could meet halfway, so we met in Austria. The minute I saw her I knew I had to make her my wife. She was everything a man could wish for: beautiful, modest, smart, funny and supportive. She told me that she did not put so much hope into meeting me, because I was French and we were so far away from each other. As I was listening to her I was wondering how could a man not travel the whole world to see this kind of woman? She was actually better than I had ever expected from a woman.

The next month I visited her in Romania, Brasov and I met her parents. They were really nice and warm people who always made sure I was enjoying my stay there. We went in a trip around the country and in the end I was so sad I had to leave her again and I just proposed to her. I did not even think about it, but I just could not leave without her. Six months later we got married in France and we decided to move there, but once a year we go to Romania for holidays.

She is the best thing that could have happened in my life. Now, I am not saying that all Romanian women are like her, but I was definitely lucky to meet her. Anyway, a person’s character has nothing to do with her nationality, but I thought I could share my story with you since you wrote so many articles about Romanian women.”

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