10 first date tips for men

10 first date tips for men


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Men are always complaining that women are mysterious, complicated and very hard to satisfy creatures. In reality, most of these women are easily satisfied even from the first date by making them feel safe, loved and wanted. So what can you do?

1. The first date must be simple, fun and romantic
For a woman, the first step is simple, you make the reservations and you go to pick her up from home. This is the old recipe and if you do anything to disrespect that, she will get nervous, or even start to think that you are not worthy of her.
Romantic Rule: The local pub is not a good place for the first date.

2. Make plans in advance
Women like to be treated like they are on a full social schedule. Preparing things in advance will also create a romantic tension and your chosen one will be waiting the first date with impatience.
Romantic Rule: Create a romantic atmosphere and plan everything in advance.

3. Facts speak louder than words
Women know that men usually invest in their resources, even if it’s about money, time or energy. So if you make no plans for the first date or you prepare poorly, your date will be disappointed and expect a bad ending. All you have to do is show her that you care and that you want to get involved.
Romantic Rule: Tell her what your plans are.

4. A confirmation call
A lack of clarity in plans will bring anxiety. If you would know what a woman goes through before the first date, you would think it’s natural to call in advance and talk to her about what you prepared for the two of you. If you don’t call her for planning the date right, she will be stressed and nervous, even if she won’t show it.
Romantic Rule: Showing good manners tells her you are a trustworthy man and not a head-in-the-clouds type.

5. Don’t be late
It’s a high lack of respect when a man arrives late at the first date. When a man is running late, she will get in a fashion crisis and will start changing her clothes in the last minute, until you arrive and she will open you the door only half dressed. You will be the one blamed.
Romantic Rule: If you know you’re going to be 10 minutes late, call her in advance. Most women appreciate a bit of extra time to get prepared.

6. Show her you are attracted and interested
Men gain their women’s affection with care and tenderness. At the first date and at the next ones, she will look for clues that you appreciate her and you find her attractive. In this way she will be more available to spend time with you a little longer. So don’t forget to slip a little compliment. Try a classic one, like “You look fabulous.” or “I love your shoes.”, even after you arrived at the restaurant. You will break the ice and gain easy points.
Romantic Rule: Inspire a romantic atmosphere by complementing her.

7. Women love determined men who know what they want. She also loves a man who takes care of her. When you take control over a date it’s a sign for her that she can relax and have fun. Don’t forget, they become suspicious when you ask them shyly, what they feel like doing.
Romantic Rule: If you haven’t made any reservations, a woman will suppose you will be reserved about yourself, too.

8. Pay for dinner
Don’t let her do that; for her it’s already expensive considering all that preparation for this first date. Actually, it’s a real investment from her side just to come to the meeting.
Romantic Rule: After dinner, take her home.

9. Don’t pretend
If your date is not exactly what you wished for, don’t give her hopes. You could tell her: “Thank you for coming tonight. It was great meeting you.” This will give her the signal that things end here.

10. Express your feelings
If she’s all you ever wanted, look her in the eyes and tell her how extraordinary you felt tonight with her, and finally, give her a kiss. If she turns and offers you her cheek, don’t get desperate. She might not be ready. Tell her you want to see her again and plan together the next date right at the end of the first one.

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