10 Online Dating tips for men

10 Online Dating tips for men


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Online dating has changed the dating world, making it more accessible, but that does not mean that it’s easy, and there are some things that you should definitely pay attention to, if you want to find someone that might be right for you.

1. Don’t trust their best photos

Pictures can be deceiving, so don’t look at the photo in which they look their best, look at the others too, and see if you like her, if not, move on.

2. Respect the trends

Try different methods of approach. Use the one that works best. For instance, instead of writing to women out of the blue, you would better send another plain message that would say just “hi” to one of the women’s that you have already wrote but hasn’t replied to you yet.

3. Keep your options open

In order to be able to start a conversation with someone new you mustn’t give too many details in your profile essay. Say some basic and some interesting stuff and then let her imagination do the rest. When you are the one who’s looking do not judge the profiles too easily, or narrow your search terms too much, you might miss out on some great matches.

4. Watch your spelling

Some grammatical errors may slip you by, but your spelling must be correct because that can make even the most intelligent person look dumb.

5. Put positive photos

You should post photographs in which you are doing something interesting, just make sure you look good in your photo, you look confident, and positive, not necessarily smiling.

6. Avoid negative photos

Do not post photos which picture you in embarrassing situations such as goofy smiles, beer drinking, goofy underwear. Try to avoid anything that is too questionable and weird, because people might misjudge you.

7. Update both your profile and pictures often

The more activity you will do on your profile, the higher you will appear in women’s search. In other words, if you upgrade your profile more frequently, you will be more visible for women.

8. Be prepared for anything

Not every person looks like their picture. Some may be more photogenic others not. If you are consciously lied to, you can be angry, but if not, you should give her a chance. She might not necessarily look worse, she might look better, just be careful on how you react.

9. Always post pictures in which you are with your clothes on

Even if you look great, you shouldn’t do that because it won’t inspire credibility to women. She might think that you do not look like that or that you are posing for her approval.

10. Don’t lose hope

As stated before, online dating may not bring you the best results from the very first time you use it. You will be ignored, you might be rejected, passed over, but you must always look at the bright side. You have lots of other possibilities and you will finally meet someone with whom you will have a connection and she might even be Mrs. Right. Just, don’t lose hope.

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