10 rules of online dating

10 rules of online dating


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If you need help in finding a future wife then your answer is the internet. According to some recent studies, the most successful dating site is eHarmony. The data gathered from a few dating websites found that 84% reported successful marriage stories from eHarmony, 46% from Match.com, and only 23% from OkCupid.

Before you get to that point, you will certainly need to find yourself a bride. And after what we hear about online dating, those horror stories, it seems to be very difficult to do so. This is why we have composed the 10 commandments for online dating. Give them a serious thought because if you want to get married, you should take them into consideration.

1.       Don’t wink at her

If you wink or add a possible matchto favorites, even though it’s considered to be a sweet gesture to show a girl that you think she’s cute or interesting, it is also lazy and suggests that the woman should strike up a conversation. Instead of creating a possible misunderstanding you should just message her, start with something friendly or funny, comment on things that she might have mentioned on her profile, ask her a question about something she wrote. When you write to her, tell her something about yourself, preferably using your real first name.

2.       Don’t use an iPhone to take your profile picture

If you intend to use a profile picture made with a webcam or a phone, know that it’s not the best option. They make your face look wide if you are too close to it, and could possibly create other distortions; your best choice is a digital camera.

3.       Don’t boast about your accomplishments

A study showed that it’s not a really good idea to brag about how wonderful you are or how good you are at doing stuff, and the fact that your self-esteem flourishes by sharing these things is great, but you need to reduce some of these unnecessary details and focus on showing how happy you are, for example.

4.       Don’t embellish facts about yourself

We all have the tendency to exaggerate when it comes to editing our profiles in order to seem more attractive, but I strongly recommend keeping your image down to earth so that you won’t seem unapproachable. Your profile should reflect who you really are, not who you would like to be. Also, be sincere about what you really like and dislike.

5.       Don’t be a drag

In general the most sought after profiles are those that include a little bit of humor in them, so if you need to fill out some more details, use your humor to your advantage. Profiles which contain a little bit of humor, including sarcasm, are deemed to be more attractive, more masculine and indicating good genes.

6.       Use the color red

It has been proved that women find men more attractive, more powerful and sexually desirable when they are wearing the color red. While it is the color of passion, love and sometimes power, it is also a great way through which you can catch a woman’s attention, so why not try to use a profile picture of you dressed in red.

7.       Don’t wait around hoping in vain

You need to avoid waiting for her to make the first move, and if you don’t really know what to say try picking out something from her profile that catches your eye and crack a conversation. It’s a sign that you are really interested in her and it most certainly offers you a subject you can talk about.

8.       Watch out for the deep stuff

You need to stop yourself from disclosing too much to a person you met online, you can easily get hurt and I’m sure you don’t want that. You might get the impression that you know a person very well because talking online can give you that feeling, but it’s not always so true. You can talk about what you want from life, about your interests and hobbies, but don’t let yourself get caught up in deeper conversation when talking online.

9.       Don’t act weird if you get rejected

Don’t take it personally if a woman doesn’t reply to your message. Don’t get all fired up. Don’t send her angry messages followed by demanding explanations or apologies just because you believe you deserve them. Keep in mind that if she hasn’t responded to your first message, she definitely won’t respond to your follow up messages, so consider it a lost cause and find someone else.

  1. 10.   Don’t keep your profile once you are exclusive

As soon as the things between the two of you become serious, you should consider deleting your profile. If your partner doesn’t do the same, you should ask yourself about commitment. It’s pretty logic, if you keep your profile it means that you are still looking for someone, right?

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