11 Phrases with which you will win her over

11 Phrases with which you will win her over


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Women love to communicate and every time you go out on a date she expects you to exchange thoughts and ideas with her, regardless of the fact that you are her boyfriend or just her friend.

Even if you send her love poem quotations or write her love letters, you will not win her over as much as you would by saying her exactly what she wants to hear. If you have problems with finding the right words, then read this article.

I know most men can’t express their feelings so I wrote down the phrases that will make her smile and make her eyes sparkle, despite the fact that you may find them funny or stupid, I guarantee you that they will work.

If you want to make her happy, and bring back the magic in your relationship, introduce these phrases into your relationship:

1.”You are amazing”.

2.”I would be nothing without you.”

3.”Thank you”.

4.”You look hot in those jeans/dress/ swimsuit”.

5.”You’re right. I am not”.

6. ”What should we watch, sweetie?”

7.” Please forgive me”.

8.”You are so smart and that is sexy.”

9.”Will you hold my hand?”

10.”I miss you”.

11. And what all women want to hear: “I LOVE YOU”.

You have to say sweet things to your girlfriend, otherwise, she will find someone who will.

The truth is that if you want to show her that you think she’s the best, you will have to learn to communicate.

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