3 date ideas for meeting a match offline

3 date ideas for meeting a match offline


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Online dating has become a very popular way through which you can get to know women, outside your usual social circles, but what can you do when you want to go out with someone you’ve met there? The step from an online friendship to an offline relationship brings with it more stress than a regular date, since you don’t know the person face-to-face.

Here is what you can do to relieve that stress and have a smooth transition from the online environment to the offline one.

1. Make sure it’s public

When you finally decide to meet someone offline it can be tricky because you might have the impression that you know her but there are still things you can find out only by meeting someone offline. There is a big difference between the reaction and facial expressions that you have when chatting online and the ones she might have when you tell her a funny story in person. Since the online world is a more impersonal environment, it’s easy to misinterpret some things. Remember that it doesn’t matter how well you connect online, it’s the offline that actually counts so, take your dates to a public and well-lit place.

Inviting her at your house to watch a movie is rather inappropriate and is not indicated for a first encounter. Besides this, she might be scared off by this invitation but again, it depends on the amount of time you’ve interacted and how well you get along. 

Pick a place that will put an emphasis on the two of you getting to know each other in person and on having a good time. Make sure you have some activities planned so that it doesn’t become awkward.

2. Activities

Online dating is a great solution to finding only the women you actually have an interest in seeing. As mentioned earlier, it is important that you pick a place which can provide you activities, in case your nerves take over and both of you will end up sitting there, awkwardly. It is also important that you specify what kind of relationship you two have or want to have so that there is no confusion and avoid thus possible misunderstandings.

Choosing an interesting activity helps you avoid discussing the same things you already know about each other. It gives you a new perspective on how she really is. Go rock climbing or visit a museum or play some games on a blanket in the park. These types of activities leave room for interaction.

3. Don’t forget about your manners

It doesn’t matter if you are on your first date or the 10th. It’s important for you to be mannered and respect the girl you’re seeing. You don’t want her to remember you for the fact that you chewed with your mouth open. In the eventuality that you will end up in a relationship, you have to impress her and take her on a special date. 

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