3 online dating tips for men

3 online dating tips for men


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When it comes to advice for men regarding online dating, they mostly are the same. Have a well-written profile, comment something positive on her profile, post an interesting question so that you have something to talk about and so on.

An interesting statistic is that 90% of men usually give up on online dating, generally after 3 months, just because they don’t get any results, but you don’t need to feel like that 90%. I’m sure you think there must be some advice out there that actually works. Well, here are three tips on online dating that will get you started.

Don’t date online.

You are probably confused right now, because I told you from the very beginning that you shouldn’t date online. The catch is that, online dating is a great way to meet women, but in order to learn how to build some kind of relationship or get a girlfriend you have to have more offline contacts.

Most of the dating tips out there just teach men how to get someone to respond via email. Honestly, try to remember the last time you had a wonderful relationship by email or by phone, but after that you found that you have no connection with that person.

And don’t start thinking that women don’t post fake pictures, or that they just maybe want to talk online and when it’s time to go on an actual date, they freak out and don’t show up. So, you should just use online dating as a medium for meeting women and after that get to know them face to face.

It’s all about timing.

One of the most valuable tips a man can receive in online dating is that he should send emails on Saturday and Sunday mornings. To most men, timing isn’t such a big deal, but when it comes to women, they tend to focus on the process by which a man wins a woman over.

Many women receive a lot of emails, and in most cases, they are too busy to respond to them on weekdays. So the case is usually this: a woman goes out Friday and Saturday night just to find the right guy and if they don’t, they get frustrated and they will most likely check their emails to check out their options. And because your email will be there, it means that you got there at the right time.

Email length

There are 3 rules you should take into consideration when sending an email to a woman, on a dating site:

  1. Try keeping the email under 100 words, if you say too much she may not read it, or will probably think that you have nothing else to do.
  2. Send her another email if she hasn’t responded at the first one. Maybe it’s just a woman’s way of seeing who is actually interested in her.
  3. Present yourself as a man of value.

Now, this last rule is the key. It is important to show an equal amount of interest and disinterest. Don’t think about it if she doesn’t respond and even if this seems a little off, but a woman needs to see that you are not desperate, making her believe that you have a higher social value.

Knowing these tips will certainly provide you with an advantage over most men and not only this, but you might be able to meet more quality women. 

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