3 things to do in order to conquer a woman

3 things to do in order to conquer a woman


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You’ve probably seen a not-so-good-looking guy with a very beautiful woman and you were wondering “why couldn’t that have been me?”. Well, keep in mind that you do not have to be hot and good looking to conquer a woman like that. Women do not put such a high price on looks.

Of course that there has to be some kind of attraction, but the looks are not necessarily the thing that women are looking for. They tend to focus more on their qualities, and the 3 top ones are:

1. Humor

You do not have to be a specialized comedian, but you do have to have a great sense of humor and make her laugh, because women love laughing.

2. Self-confidence

When it comes to self-confidence, beware not to be arrogant because women do not like arrogant men. You must be aware of who you are, your self-worth and keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how you look like.

Women are attracted to self-confident men.

3. The way you treat her

It does matter how you treat her because chivalry is not dead, and if you act like a gentleman, you will be better than all the other guys whom she has dated. If you are not dating is not because you are not good-looking. What you have to do is start working on your humor, self-confidence and being a gentleman.

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