3 tips for getting energized before a night out

3 tips for getting energized before a night out


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You’re preparing yourself because tonight you’re going to hit the clubs and pubs with your friends and meet some new girls. Despite your wish for having a long fun night, you realize that your energy gets low. What can you do for keeping it up so you could party all night?

Don’t escape from this problem by drinking a few glasses before stepping out the house. It’s not going to help you, at all.

You should try these methods instead:

1. Music while showering

Pick your favorite playlist and make it loud. Enter into the shower and let the music and sound work their way to you. Your body and mind will be empowered by these forces in a natural and “side-effect-free” way. Plus, you are going to smell great and already be set for some good music and dance moves.

2. Music on the road

While in your car, on your way to meet the gang, play some music appropriate for what this night is going to bring you. Let the sounds surround you and get energized.

Still, don’t forget to drive safely.

3. Interact with everybody

When you are there, already energized and ready to party, don’t set your target only to women. Approach everybody, no matter the gender/age, make friends, socialize, don’t stay in a corner and expect someone to come and talk or dance with you. Act like you know and love everybody.

In this way, you will get used to talk to strangers, hot or not, and later when you will find that one girl whom you want to approach, you will have no problems in cracking up a conversation with her.

Try these tips, you have nothing to lose, perhaps only some bad boring nights.

Stay awake and energized, great girls love that! 

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