Online dating - 4 dating advice for men

Online dating - 4 dating advice for men


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If you are a man and you have an online dating profile on an online dating site, you must not forget about some rules that will help you get and keep your desired woman. Here are the most important rules that you have to take into consideration.

Don’t give away too much personal details

When you are exchanging messages on an online dating profile, avoid talking with a woman about all your personal stuff going on in your life. For sure, you risk boring her by giving away so much information that she doesn’t need. Stay with the basics, because that could be the foundation for a longer and more interesting conversation.
If you offer her too much stories, beginning with your childhood, she might think about you as being a little bit too desperate.

Do not initiate a sex related discussion

Women believe that most men think only about sex and that they create their online dating profiles only to get a female friend with this sole purpose. No matter how beautiful and free is your online talk, avoid bringing up sex related topics, even in a subtle way.
You risk giving a bad impression and she will start avoiding your messages until she will completely ignore you. If she is the one who initiated a sex related discussion, take care and don’t let yourself carried away, but hold back your desire to exploit such a topic to the maximum.
Finally, you will be surprised to discover that a lot of women have the tendency to bring up sex in a discussion. So you will see that holding back from some things is worth doing.

Don’t lie

When you are filling in the online dating profile, avoid lying. Usually, people tend to lie about their income, occupations, studies, marital status, etc. Don’t forget that sooner or later all these lies will be discovered and you will remain alone.

Don’t send too many messages

If you leave her too many messages on the online dating site, she will have the impression that you are desperate about her or about a relationship. Avoid sending offline messages, emails or telephone messages. It’s recommended to start up a conversation with her only when she’s online, but after at least 10 minutes since she went online. Otherwise, you risk giving her the impression that you are obsessed with her and that you became a stalker.

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