4 reasons why women donít like shy men

4 reasons why women donít like shy men


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A lot of women enjoy a good dare. Nothing new here. We are tempted and attracted to melancholic men and we feel the need to open them up. But there is a big difference between a mysterious man and a shy, unsecure man who tends to get annoying at some point.
Here you have 4 reasons on why women don’t enjoy shy men:

1. Lack of confidence
Insecurity is the main thing that makes a woman run away and lose her interest. Every hesitating and insecure man is showing a weakness of character.
Why would a woman date a man who considers himself as uninteresting and everybody’s fool, or even a man who constantly puts himself in a bad light among other men.

2. Never makes the first move
In general, shy men are passive and show a clear lack of initiative when it’s about approaching women. Finally, a man who has no self-confidence and is unable to make a first move or start up a conversation with a woman in order to get a date is extremely annoying.

I remember that once, in college, I met a guy. We knew each other because we were neighbors. He was pretty calm and quiet. I don’t know what got me attracted to him, but I started noticing him.
After a while, his roommate threw a party and I was invited too, along with my friends.
Everybody talked with everybody, only he would stay in his corner with a superior and cold attitude. We made eye contact several times, showing him that I’m ready to communicate. Only after a good amount of time did he try to talk to me, but by then it was too late because I already lost interest in him.
Finally, all we became was friends and I never felt the need of getting him out of friend zone.
The upsetting part is that I really liked him, knowing he’s an intelligent and well-behaved man, but he was asking for too much from me and it got tiring.

It’s true it’s not always easy to make the first move, but when a woman shows you clear interest, you don’t have reasons of hesitation. You’ve got nothing to lose.
If you fight, you might lose, but if you don’t fight, you already lost.

3. Always asks for permission
Shy men wait for a signal from a woman before initiating any action and this makes them look shy and passive. They always ask permission for anything, from a simple touch until a short kiss, instead of letting themselves carried away by instincts.
Obviously it’s not recommended to jump on a woman if she shows no signs of wanting you. But if you get only positive signals and you still ask her if you can do this or that, she will for sure get bored.

4. Lack of spontaneity
Shy men always try to please a woman instead of acting freely and showing their true selves.
Finally, most women enjoy spontaneous passionate men, with a taste for adventures.

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