5 great cities to date Romanian women

5 great cities to date Romanian women


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You have plenty of places to choose from when it comes to dating Romanian women. These are 5 great cities to date women from/in Romania:

1. Bucharest: The Romanian capital offers a wide variety of things to do to find a Romanian woman or to begin dating one. The city is filled with fine restaurants to dine at, but also with several clubs and bars to meet up at for a more up-tempo and eventful night.

2. Timisoara: For a good time in Timisoara, you should take her dancing. Park Place and Discoland offer great international and Romanian music to keep the date going on all night long. If you want a more romantic and laid-back place, you can always choose the Komodo Lounge.

3. Constanta: Constanta is filled with romantic restaurants. The Insula Neptun Restaurant is near a lake, and has intimate tables separated by hedges and screens. This will allow you not only to dine, but to also get to know your date.

4.  Arad: There are numerous hot spots to choose from in Arad. A great romantic place with live jazz covers is the Club Frontiera. This place is meant to create a great atmosphere, no matter how serious you are about you date.

5. Cluj-Napoca: This is a city where the night life never stops. Many great restaurants are connected with bars so you can take a girl to dinner and then on the dance floor in just one date, or vice versa: from the dance floor to dinner.

Romania has plenty eventful cities where you can date Romanian women, regardless if you are looking for a romantic evening or a night of fun at a club or bar.

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