5 ways to make a woman want you

5 ways to make a woman want you


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Today I will be revealing some of our little secrets. I am doing my best that a man and a woman’s relationship to get where it’s intended.

If you are into a woman and she doesn’t seem to like you, your attempts may be in vain. But, if there is still a slight chance, don’t hesitate to use it.

Making a woman to like you is not as hard as it seems at first sight. Making a woman wanting you doesn’t mean: expensive gifts, fancy gestures or a six-pack ab.

It is true that there are also women who are only attracted by men with money, cars or muscles. We will talk about this too.

But now, we are talking about what they like, about what makes a woman attracted to a man.
Knowing these aspects very well, you will find the best way to make women “fight over you”. This way, you will definitely find the one that you are looking for.

1. Introduce yourself as the ideal man
One of the biggest mistakes a man can make is to lack confidence, to be desperate, shy and in constant approval from women. Women want their ideal man to be confident, sure, respectable. When you display all of these qualities, you maintain eye contact, good and confident position, calm moves and gestures, most women will notice you.

2. Learn how to dress
First impression counts a lot and the way you dress is an important part of the first impression. You know very well that there may not be a second date. Pay attention to what you are wearing, your style, and you will send positive messages which will say that you know how to dress, you are unique, interesting, mature and successful.

3. Have women friends
Keeping in touch with another woman is one of the best dating strategies. Actually, having women friends will allow you to enter circles filled with single women. That way, you will get over the anxiety of meeting women. Women want to talk more often with men rather than other women, so, be their friend and that way you will be one step closer and you will be the men surrounded by women who draws other women. Women like men who are successful with women.

4. Pay her sincere compliments
Learn how to pay sincere compliments, in which you believe. You will definitely stand you. Most men make many mistakes and they end up sitting alone at the bar. In order to properly pay a compliment t a woman, it doesn’t matter what you say, what matters is, how you say it.
Focus on her values and on what is truly important to her. Pay her compliments in a sure tone and a smile on your face and do not underestimate the importance of the visual contact.

5. Let her chase you
When you try to chase, date a beautiful women, she often runs away from you. So: STOP. Let her chase and look for you. By doing that you will trigger the signal in her mind which will see you as a challenge and that will make her like you and she will reach you in the most romantic way possible. And this is what you want, don’t you?

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