6 Don’ts of Online Dating

6 Don’ts of Online Dating


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I already wrote about how you can write your personal profile ad on online dating websites in order to awake women’s interest in you. Now it is time to learn what not to do when it comes to picking up women online.

Be Careful About What You Talk About

You should never write her your whole life history while conversing through e-mails. Nobody wants to keep in touch with a guy who cannot shut up. You will look needy to her and women do not appreciate that. If you will write her a never-ending e-mail most probably she will not even answer it. Therefore, keep it simple and brief. Write her just a few sentences to answer her questions and in the end also ask her something to keep the dialogue flowing.

Do Not Initiate Sexual Talk

It is already enough that many women think men have only sex on their mind. There is some truth in that, we have to admit, but you do not want to risk losing her interest because of this. The best thing to do is avoid initiating sexual conversations because it might offend her. Anyway, you might be surprised how many women would initiate it themselves and this way you will know you have the green light. If you are interested in aggressive sexual talks you should maybe reorient yourself towards a specialized site.

Never Lie

Just don’t! There are many people who do this when creating their personal profiles. Whether they are lying about their marital status, job or income, you should know that lies are always catching up with you, so you should rather focus on your strong points and just avoid  the information that you are not proud of (a low income for instance).

Do Not Send Her Lots Of messages

Especially if you are just starting to get to know each other you should not send her too many messages. You will again look needy and craving for attention. Instead, talk to her for a few minutes and then excuse yourself saying that you have to take care of something. This way, you will look mysterious and she will be looking forward to talk to you the next day.

Do Not Correspond With Too Many Women

I know every man wants to be chased by many beautiful women, but truth be told, if there are tons of women replying to your personal ad, you should not talk to all of them. You will realize you do not have the physical time or the energy to do so and even worse, you will forget what you said and whom you said it to. This would be very embarrassing, so you should rather initiate contact just with the women who interest you more.

Do Not Look Too Eager To Go On a Date

Unless she is the one asking you out, you should never ask a woman on a date after only a few days. If you wait a while before doing so, she will wonder why you are not asking her out and the mystery will increase.

One last thing you must remember is to never reveal your personal information to a woman you barely know. You do not want to be caught up in a movie-like situation and get stalked.

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