6 rules of online dating and flirting for men

6 rules of online dating and flirting for men


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Even if the majority of men sign up on online dating sites in search for an amorous adventure, there are some exceptions from the rule. Some of them are really looking for their soul mate and the Internet is the perfect method of meeting the right woman.

As women do, men have their own rules when it comes to seducing a woman online. Here you have 6 of those rules:

1. Emails are meant to be intriguing, not for sharing childhood stories.
Nothing annoys a woman more than a very talkative man. She gets annoyed especially because she is the one used to talk in details about her birthday, passions, dreams, etc. He needs to be there to listen to her. Plus, a man has to encourage her stories with short and intelligent replies, not by writing his whole life story.
Three sentences- That’s all a man needs for answering and asking something back.

2. There is no point in starting a sex-related topic
In a woman’s mind, a man’s wish is clear: to take her to his bed. That’s why, if you want a long-term success, you have to postpone sex as a subject of conversation. Men should avoid talking with hidden meanings, an exception being the time when she is the one who brings up sex as a topic.

3. No lies
Surprisingly, men finally figured out that there’s no good in lying online. When trying to seduce a woman from behind the screen, it’s tempting to boost your qualities and make yourself a perfect profile. But everything vanishes at the first date, so there’s no point actually.
That’s why it’s better to avoid answering instead of offering a lie in return. To don’t feel obliged to lie, men and women can change the subject in a subtle way.

4. Too much emails and messages give a desperate feeling
The golden rule of online dating concerning men: don’t look desperate. Three, four emails a day, addressed to the same woman, are a bit too much. If both of them are involved in the chat, if it’s a natural discussion, then a longer talk is alright. He can take advantage of the situation and even ask her out.
But if they have just met, he should limit himself at two emails per day and 15 minutes of chatting on Yahoo Messenger. Why? To leave a little bit of mystery and get the woman intrigued.

5. Don’t try catching two rabbits at once.
Too many answers, more place for mistakes. Even if it’s fun flirting online with a lot of people, some men can honestly say that this performance only gets you into trouble in the end. Remember: it’s easy mixing up things when you are talking with several persons at once.

6. Wait a while before asking her out
Men will wait at least a week to ask you out. It’s about common sense, they say. Otherwise you could feel constrained and even get scared by a guy’s persistency. In this way the effect will be reversed: she will ask herself why he is not asking her out yet. Finally, she will be the one asking him out for a date.

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