6 topics to avoid on the first date

6 topics to avoid on the first date


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You are about to go on another first date and you have done all your preparations: a haircut, a new shirt and all of those anecdotes about politics, sexual experiences and religious beliefs. I know that at a certain point first dates become boring, but don’t become a broken record. We all have a past, but it best to keep some things for yourself before you are in a relationship.

If you want another date, avoid these topics on a first date:

1. Religion

Religion and spirituality are a big part of our lives so you do not have to be ashamed of it, but this is also a sensitive subject especially if she doesn’t share your beliefs and you might run the risk of offending her. Try to keep the topics light but informative.

2. Politics

This is a subject that should never be brought up on a first date. You should never discuss politics during dinner because you might annoy or just as with religion, offend your date.

3. Money

We all have our opinions on how to handle our money and you shouldn’t give her financial advice on the first date. She probably has someone already who can help her with her financial problems. Remember that she doesn’t have to know your financial history, no matter if you are too rich or too poor.

4. Sex

No girl wants to know your best pick up line or your entire sexual life on the first date. You should pay attention to her and stop telling her about your past or present conquests.

5. Ex-girlfriends

No matter if you are still getting over your ex or if you’ve got emotional baggage and commitment issues, you should know that this can ruin a date, especially if you tell her that she looks like your ex-girlfriend.

6. Marriage and/or children

Although you think it’s impossible, many men talk on the first date about the fact that they want to get married in the next six months and that they want a big family, which makes a woman run as fast as she can.

Do you even know if she wants to get married? What if she can’t have kids? These are very personal topics of conversation which should only be brought up with the woman with whom you intend to spend your entire life with.

You only have one chance to make a first good impression so make sure that you keep the conversation light and enjoy getting to know each other.

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