7 methods of attracting love

7 methods of attracting love


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Every person needs love and deserves it, that’s why every human is born with the ability of getting a lover. But it looks like society, prejudice and circumstances turn the simple act of love into something near to impossibility.

What you have to remember is that thousands of women are in search of love, too. These women face the same problems as you do, therefore it’s logical to think that with a little bit of knowledge and effort it’s not impossible to find love.

1. Enjoy life and enjoy yourself

Everything starts from the inside, if you love what’s around you and yourself, you make yourself lovable. Don’t take this as words in the wind.

The Law of Attractions says that “like attracts like”. So if people interested in art collecting meet by coincidence and Star Wars fans do the same, it’s somehow possible that love loving people would meet each other in the same way, by chance.

So in order to get love, you need to be a lover. Imagine lovability as a cup, you can’t hold an empty cup it will be like you’re begging someone to fill it up. Love is a cup filled with different levels of intensity, the highest of them being the wish for commitment. If you haven’t found a partner to share your cup with, start by loving yourself and life.

2. Be happy

Realize that love is an experience, not a state of being. Love, with its force will make you more attractive. So remember that the only road that’ll take you to “love” is happiness.

Before searching love in another person, try and find it in yourself. Don’t look for love in a woman, let her do that.

Turn yourself into a prize that will make a woman fulfilled and happy. You should be her source of love, not the other way around. Feed each other with this power and bring both of your existences at higher levels.

3. Surround yourself with friends

You shouldn’t spend every second looking for the perfect woman. Try and spend every day transforming yourself in the man every woman would love to have. So you have to get a life.

Search for passion and ambition and make it happen. Surround yourself with people, socialize and learn as many skills as you can.

4. Step out of your safety zone

Stop hiding and try something risky, something you can’t control. Because if you don’t, you’ll have a hard time keeping the woman you have or even finding love. Learn to try. Start conversations with unknown people, go skiing, fishing, accept to do what you have refused until now.

All these experiences are going to make you more comfortable with the idea of not being able to control everything that surrounds you.  Plus, a woman feels when a man had an interesting life in his attitude, in his charm, in his stories. This will bring you more women and also make you a stronger man.

5. Be confident

A strong and confident man is the basic potion, it’s the one that makes a woman let herself trustfully in the man’s hands. A little secret related to confidence is that you don’t have to really have it, you can simulate it. Yes, fake it until you make it real.

If you decide to smile, even if you don’t feel like, you release endorphins and feel happier instantly, for real. The same rule applies to confidence, too.

I suppose you know how a confident man looks like. You remark him by his straight and tall posture, steady and clear walk, with his head up, a little smile. Usually he looks straight into a person’s eyes and speaks in a way that make people listen to him mesmerized. He is dynamic and involved in each situation.

You could practice looking confident at home, even looking in the mirror, at the same time. If you act confident, you will feel confident. You won’t even realize when you become confident for real.

6. Now present yourself

Now that you evolved so much, let the world see you. Don’t get nervous and lose your target. You made all this for finding love, not for a short and meaningless satisfaction.

Take it easy and slow, but keep getting involved in life and only with women that really interest you. You could try winning them as friends, at first. From there, it’s an easy task.

7. Start dating

Don’t sit around and wait until the perfect woman comes up. Go out for coffees and date several women. The girl you really want will be attracted by your success and will want to make a move before you commit to someone else.

Just take it slow and don’t get involved in anything too serious, not until you can see some sort of future with one of them.

Love is surrounding us, but we have to activate our senses and see it, feel it. And remember, you have all that it takes in finding true love and the right woman. Just use your ingredients with care and persevere. 

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