7 red flags that she’s no good

7 red flags that she’s no good


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There are some women who can cause troubles; it’s true that they’re beautiful and fragile beings, but when they’re bad, they are known as gold diggers, opportunists, and so on. Luckily, they all have warning signs, the so-called ”red flags” that can help us see them for who they really are, beyond all the beauty and charm.

1. Hating other women.

Women don’t usually hate and distrust each other, so maybe the thing is that she loathes or has no self-confidence. It’s possible that she lives with a constant fear of other women trying to steal her man, just because she does the same to others, as well as she may think that they are shallow just because she is.

It is possible that if every woman on the planet seems like a threat to her, she is looking at the world only from a sexually-related point of view. You know that there are a lot of nice and kind women out there and there is a good chance that due to her lack of self-confidence, she can’t get along with any of them.

2. You caught her lying.

If she tells you that she was hanging out with her friends a couple of nights ago, but her friends tell you she wasn’t, then you have a problem. She wouldn’t be lying if she didn’t have anything to hide. And behind all these lies there can’t possibly be an innocent and good justification.

3. Irrational jealousy

Does she get angry when let's say that some supermodel or movie star looks great? Or if during a phone conversation you exhale louder than usual, does she think that you are with someone else in a motel room? If so, then you are doomed.

4. She thinks you are her property

If she feels like she’s being betrayed or is suspicious every time you go out with the guys and she seems to be manipulative and controlling, know that a woman needs to find things to do besides the time spent with you. You both need your independence and spend some time with the girls or the guys.

She isn’t a threat for the whole relationship, but she should respect you and your friends, because it’s a healthy thing to do.

5. Taking pills

If you catch her taking pills, more than one time a day, this may indicate that she is possibly addicted to amphetamines. Even if it’s not such a severe addiction, it still could lead to changes in her emotions and decisions. Women who have addictive personalities are pretty dangerous and when she has often mood swings it’s possible that she may have commitment issues. Be cautious around these women, you never know what you can expect from them.

6. Past relationship memorabilia

Out of all the gold diggers out there, this one is quite unique, just for the simple fact that almost everything she owns has a story behind it. And if she wants to tell you the stories of how she got all her jewelry, clothing or tattoos, then it means that once she’s done with you she’ll keep your stuff as well.

7. The Facebook stalker.

If after you have been out on a few dates she asks you to update your relationship status on Facebook, or even sends you a pic of the two of you and tells you that she wants you to use it as your profile photo, then you have on your hands a Facebook addict. She will post most of the pictures taken together and will constantly be checking your online profile. Best of luck.

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