7 things I learned about dating in high school

7 things I learned about dating in high school


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I’m sure that when it comes to dating, you have already learned most of your tricks and principles in high school. Sure, there might be some aspects you need to polish, but these are the basics.  

1.       Girls are ok

We live with the misconception that girls will laugh at us if we try to talk to them or ask them out. But when we try to approach that beautiful girl, we know that somewhere inside lies kindness and a warm heart. When we manage to build up the courage to go talk to her, with the help of our friends, we find ourselves in a pleasant yet frightening place.

2.       So much alike

Girls will always like boys and once you get to experience and notice the signals, everything becomes easier as time passes. You know that there are some signs that have never changed over the years: slightly widened eyes, multiple glances, authentic smiles, tilts of the head when looking at us, the body language and the aura that they have when they pass by.

3.       Making out

You end up on a date with that special girl you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. We think about how we would kiss her and touch her silky hair, but in the meantime we suppose that if we even try to move a muscle, she will rip us to shreds. What we don’t think about is that if she goes on a date with us she probably feels the same urges and has the same fantasies. Plus, when a woman is interested in you, she can rock your world with just one kiss.

4.       Another species

You know that dating a girl is nothing like going out with your friends or with the guys. When you are on a date with a girl, you can’t help but compliment her looks while she tries to be as modest as possible. Still, there are things that you miss. For example, she can get upset just because you have an empty fast-food bag on the backseat of your car. It definitely pays to learn what a woman thinks because you know very well that if something’s wrong she won’t tell you. They can twist your mind with one teardrop and they have very eccentric tastes and conceptions sometimes.

5.       Cheap and fun dates

As time passes, we tend to forget that what matters the most on a date is the time spent together, just looking in each other’s eyes. You need to give up the movie and the popcorn for something that she will remember, like a walk by a lake at night, when the moon is full.

The things you remember the most are the times you spend at home, laughing until dawn, you remember when it was all about you, about kissing for hours and just holding each other tight.

6.       Respect is your greatest weapon

All the girls want to have a nice guy by their side. As soon as they get rid of the douchebags who don’t treat them in the way they should, they will appreciate your tenderness and affection.

Treating a woman with respect is easy and being a gentleman and making her feel like a lady is one of those things she will never forget about you, even if you’re not Prince Charming’s twin.

7.       The things you have to give up

When we get a girlfriend everything changes and when we are in a relationship we have to give up some things, for the simple fact that we are not alone anymore. We have to share and to let go of a piece of ourselves.

Time becomes organized, the choices we want to make can be changed in an instant and we have to tell her everything that we do, who we go out with and so on.

We do this, giving up things, because we know that it goes a long way to be good to your lady and the “rewards” we receive for treating her right are incredible.

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