7 Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Meeting an Online Date

7 Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Meeting an Online Date


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Online dating is one of the best methods for a man to meet many women in a short period of time who are looking for love and a relationship. There are 7 big mistakes that men tend to make when it comes to online dating and meeting someone for the first time.

1. Fantasy land.

If you’re meeting someone for the very first time in real life it’s important for you to get out of the fantasy land you are in regarding that someone. Don’t have high hopes and expectations based on what they wrote on their online dating profile, because the real person could be the exact opposite of what they described themselves to be.

In most cases, people tend to write about the person they want to be, not the one that they actually are, so just forget about it and think about the new person you are about to meet.

2. Relax.

People tend to get too nervous when meeting someone for a date and by that they end up sabotaging it. Think of it as an opportunity to meet someone new, just like you would meet a friend for coffee.

This first date is indeed crucial for you to find out whether or not this person is how she said she is, so getting to know her might make you feel nervous, but nevertheless you should try to calm down and enjoy your date. So, your judgment is not clouded by your emotions and you can make a clear impression of the date.

Don’t get thrown off if the date is not successful. There are so many people out there that would love to have a chance to get to know you, so show them the same courtesy.

3. Don’t make it all about them

This is another common mistake that men tend to make when they meet an online date in person. Focusing exclusively on what the other person has to say or think about you is a bad idea. You will end up spending the entire date worrying about what that woman thinks about you, and you will forget to enjoy the evening and yourself. Then, after the date is over, you go home and overanalyze the whole evening, especially what you said and you will call your friends asking for their opinion.

4. Timing.

If you are on a date, not just on the first one, but the next ones too, you need to pay attention, to listen and actually spend time to get to know her. You have to have a great conversation in which you can challenge the woman you are with in order to make her share with you her thoughts. Most people tend to spend the whole date thinking about whether the other person likes them or not. This is a thing you want to avoid, and as above mentioned, try thinking that you are out with a friend, and really try to get to know the other person better. If all goes well during your first date and you are really excited about her, ask her out on a second one. You have nothing to lose.

5. Expectations of a relationship

After you’ve finally decided to go out with this person, after all the messages you’ve been sending and receiving or maybe the after the telephone conversations you’ve had, you might get a little too excited when you go out. You might even think that this is it, that this is the one.

Wrong, if you think like this on a first date you will surely find yourself disappointed because you’re not going to enjoy the date or get to know her, which is actually the whole point of a first date. You should try eliminating all hopes and expectations of a soul mate.

6. The outcome

This is yet another mistake, going out with someone for the first time and focusing entirely on the outcome will make you nervous and yet again, it will make you lose the chance to get to know her. Just because you think about what could happen at the end of the date you might lose the chance for a second one. Focus on the date itself not on what might come afterwards.

7. Chemistry

Men usually worry about chemistry, about when they can kiss a woman or when to touch her, as women spend the date worrying about if the guy will kiss them or if they will ask them out again. Just enjoy the date, stop worrying so much and live the moment. Enjoy the time you spend with that new girl and get to know her. Isn’t that exactly why you asked her out in the first place?

Even if the date doesn’t go so well, you can just go home, and try again. It’s really fun meeting people in real life after you’ve met them online, as it gives you some perspective. Just be patient and calm.

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