8 tips on how to seduce a woman from the first date

8 tips on how to seduce a woman from the first date


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You don’t need to have George Clooney’s money or looks to impress a woman. Here you have some tips for a successful first date.

1. Tell her in a special way how great she looks
“I discovered that women enjoy compliments. Usually, I pick a detail and I compliment that. I try to be original, to impress her. Instead of saying something general, like “You look good.”, you could say “I like your boots. Your legs look incredible in them.” Women are ecstatic for giving them such an attention and they appreciate it every time.”

Thom, 37 years old, Manhattan Beach

2. Act spontaneously

“A thing that women enjoy is the fact that I am always spontaneous. For example, if I’m on the first date and my partner used to play bowling in childhood, I immediately propose her to go bowling. Or, if it’s winter, I take her to the seaside, just to watch the waves. I believe a woman loves a man who’s not afraid of taking decisions on the spot.”

Brian, 39 years old, Boston

3. Let her talk about herself as much as she wants
“A lot of people like talking about themselves, so when I meet a woman whom I’m interested in, I ask her some things and let her talk freely. In this way, not only that I make her happy, but I also get to know her. Usually, I ask her about childhood, workplace and her future plans. Women feel appreciated because I show them I’m attracted by more than their looks. “

Danny, 34 years old, Pittsburgh

4. Rely on your charm in a fun and relaxed way
“I have more dates than my friends, because I flirt a lot. I believe dates should be something fun. So I’m not afraid of approaching a woman. Usually, before saying something else, I tell her “Promise me that you will let me approach you the second time if I won’t get it right from the first one.” I can say that this method really works.”

Tom, architect, 42 years old, Chicago

5. Plan a fun unexpected date
“Each time I go out with a woman for the first time, I try offering her an uncommon date, something to show her that I’m spontaneous, the type of guy ready for anything. I get uncomfortable at the usual dinners or at the movies, so I go for something different and fun. I can’t say that it’s always easy or cheap, but it’s a creative dare to get something romantic and unforgettable.
I arranged a cooking session at my place with a chef from one of my favorite restaurants, a massage session for two on the top of a building and I took a woman with the helicopter, above the city. I wanted her to know that she will have fun dating with me. This method still works.”

Michael, 33 years old, marketing specialist, New York

6. Keep eye contact
“When I’m with a woman, even if I speak, dance or eat with her, I try to keep an eye contact. Not in the creepy way, but in the way of sending a message: I’m listening to you and I’m into you. What you want to make her understand is that you give attention only to her. Nothing makes a woman more insecure than a man looking on the walls.”

Oliver, 33 years old, lawyer, Hartford

7. Keep your promise
“I believe it’s for the best to call a woman when you promised her you would, no matter of what you saw on TV or in the movies. If I tell a woman I’m going to call her tomorrow, I do and usually I receive a good feedback. Actually, I find it kind of sad when a woman is shocked that I kept my promise. The right woman doesn’t wish for an unreliable man. If you treat her with respect, she will want you around her.”

Jeffrey, 35 years old, sales representative, Chamblee

8. Make her feel like a queen
“I admit it’s old fashion, but always open the door for a woman, pull the chair for her and stand up when she does. Women are surprised by my behavior but they appreciate it. A woman told me once that I made her feel like a lady, with my gestures. This is all that matters: if you treat her like a queen, she will want you as her king.”

Larry, 31 years old, lawyer, Miami

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