Creating a good dating profile

Creating a good dating profile


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It’s clear that men and women think differently. Try looking at women’s dating profiles on your dating sites. You, as a man, will probably choose only the profiles of the girls with pretty faces and beautiful bodies, while women are willing to contact a guy that isn’t so physically attractive, just because he has a great profile, and this is probably the best way to proceed if you want women to make the first step.

There are many bad profiles out there, and most of them include only some face shots and a really boring description. But if you were to compose an awesome profile, you have to know that you have a long way to go. When you search on an online dating site for a potential partner, you use criteria to narrow down the list, right? So if a woman wants to find a 30 something-year-old guy, who doesn’t have kids, who doesn’t live with his mother and who loves playing the guitar, she will see a list of profiles that match her search criteria. If your profile doesn’t match any of these elements, then it’s clear that you won’t be a part of that list.

Now comes a tough one, how do you know what attributes a woman looks for? It’s not that hard, if it’s a tomboy you’re into, then she will probably like a guy who's into sports, she is definitely not going to want an artsy guy just like you wouldn’t like a girl that hates sports, if you were into them.

Now let’s discuss looks because they matter and you’d be a fool to think otherwise. Most women base their first decision just on your profile picture. But don’t panic and don’t start running away just because you don’t look like a movie star. Our principle is this, we see a cute girl and our first thought is “must speak to her now!”, while women see a cute guy’s pic, they smile, search for more and then read every word written on his profile, before deciding if they will contact him or not.

That’s the difference; men don’t care about profile content while women do. They will also pass judgment if your photos portray you as a slob. You just need to comb your hair, dress decent and smile, and if you want a real relationship you probably shouldn’t post a half-naked picture of yourself.

Let’s think like this. You are a product and she’s a costumer. This is how you have to imagine yourself when you want to attract women online. The trick is to do it in a manner that women respond to and you can do this by simply giving her reasons as to why she should interact with you, just like any good sales man.

The bottom line is that you have to write a positive, humorous, original and interesting profile. Not as easy as it sounds, I know. But if you are negative or too arrogant, you can kiss your ladies goodbye. Women love a good sense of humor, confidence and maybe a pinch of creativity. Let’s imagine that we are a woman, forced to read the same old boring profiles over and over again, how can you be impressed by this?

Try being different! Give more details about what you like and what you’re passionate about. As long as women are interested in the kind of activities that you also like, you need to somehow show them why. Try displaying your personality at its best, and if you’re just plain boring, then stop being like that.

Now you’re probably thinking about how much to write on a profile. Well, if it’s too long, then it’s boring and she will move on faster than you can blink, and a really short one will just say to her that you don’t care and, again… she will move on. Try writing somewhere around 500 words. This can differ on the type of guy you are. Keep in mind though that your sentences should be short and to the point, mentioning your interests, topped off with a bit of humor and you will be fine.

You still need to avoid some things, like clichés such as “I’m a very romantic guy”. Don’t write it if you can’t live up to this expectation. And when it comes to photos, you need to avoid the shirtless ones, the ones in which you’re drunk, in a group, wearing a backwards hat or making a silly face. Oh, yeah, and before I forget, just try being honest about yourself. If you are shy, don’t pretend to be the life of the party. Even if you lie, you know that eventually the truth will come out.

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