How to interpret her body language

How to interpret her body language


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When you see a beautiful woman in a bar, you want to go up to her and talk, but how do you know if she will want it too? Knowing how to interpret a woman’s body language is a valuable asset a man should poses in his artillery.

How can you tell if her attitude is positive or negative? Well, this should help you make an idea of it.

Positive body language.

In general, a woman will move towards you in order to leave less space between the two of you, that is if she likes what you’re saying or doing. Other gestures or liking behaviors presume that her feet are pointing towards you, and possibly wiggling, arms open and palms up, smiling and lots of it, legs uncrossed, leaning towards you, intense eye contact, playing with her hair or jewelry or looking down shyly.

Negative body language.

As negative body language is concerned, you can probably tell that it’s the exact opposite of the above mentioned, this meaning, a woman will move away, she will cross her legs, her arms will be crossed, her palms will be down, she will close her hands, rub her eyes, scratch her nose, her feet will be pointing away from you, she will rub the back of her neck, frown, turn her eyes away, etc.

Try to pay as much attention as you can when you go out on a date with any woman, and if you think you are up to the task, try to send her some signals. Keep in mind that body language is a very important part in our day-to-day life; it influences us as well as other people.

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