How to make a woman smile

How to make a woman smile


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The easiest way to get to a woman’s heart is to make her laugh and smile.

Everybody knows that women love to laugh. When a woman laughs in your presence, it is clearly that she likes you.

A sincere laughter is the most important sign that she is enjoying you company.

When you are into a woman, it is very easy to make her laugh, these things come naturally.

But a few extra tips are always welcomed.

1. Be a gentleman

Be a gentleman, by keeping the door opened for her, being polite and by helping her. Ask her whether she is cold and give her your jacket or what comes handy.

2. Remember the important days

Birthdays, anniversaries and special days. These are the dates and opportunities to show her how special she is.

3. Leave her romantic notes

Slip a romantic note into her handbag. She will definitely smile when she will read it.

4. Tell her how beautiful she is

Don’t wait for special occasions to tell her that, and your words will make her day more beautiful.

5. Introduce her to the persons that matter to you

Show her that you are proud to be with her, by introducing her to the persons that matter most to you

6. Appreciate her attempts to look good for you.

Make sure that you pay attention to details like: hair, manicure, and the new look that she is trying in order for you to like her. Before going out to a dinner, compliment her on her looks, and tell her that she is beautiful and that she looks fabulous. The compliment will make her smile.

7. Flirt with her through phone messages

Use your imagination, be playful, send her sweet messages, she will definitely enjoy them, because they will bring her a moment of relaxation in a hard labor day.

8. Send her flowers at her workplace

Women love to receive flowers. By receiving one with no reason will surely bring a huge smile on your girlfriend lips. By sending them at her workplace, she will feel loved, appreciated, and obviously envied by her work colleagues.

9. Encourage her ideas and dreams

What is important to her should also be important to you. If you show interest for what is important to her, you will keep her smiling and she will feel encouraged to fulfill her dreams.

10. Make her laugh

Humor is at the top of the list that attract her and that can make her want you. A woman who laughs with you and appreciates your humor is very likely to fall in love with your charm. 

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