How to tell a senior woman you want to be exclusive

How to tell a senior woman you want to be exclusive


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Now that you are mature and you have rid yourself of the fear of commitment, you may be considering the excitement of getting emotionally involved with that wonderful woman you’ve started dating with.

You need to understand that being exclusive is not like getting engaged. It is still a big step especially with a mature woman; she may have children, an ex-husband or a deceased one. If you propose exclusivity to her, she might take a moment to think about it. Senior women come in many forms and categories: some might be open to a new way of life or new people while others may still have some commitment issues. The thing you need to keep in mind is that they still need the presence of a kind and caring man in their life.

Try anticipating her answer.

You can’t know for sure how a mature woman is going to answer to your question, but you might be able to tell, since you’ve been dating for a while when she may be thinking that it’s just about time that you ask her to be exclusive, especially if you know that she has feelings for you. There is nothing that should stop you.

If you notice that it’s been going slow and she has been tentative about you meeting her friends and family, you should be expecting a different kind of answer. You need to be able to see past her objections and give her good reasons for each and every thing you say.

A certain mood is in order

Try taking her out to one of the places she loves or start an activity that you know she enjoys. Since you’ve been dating for a while you should know these things. Make her feel as comfortable as possible and she will let her guard down.

The most common setting for a special mood is music, a little wine and the right atmosphere: a walk in the park, at the opera, you know the drill. Just relax and have fun beforehand so that she might look at you like that when you’re asking her to be exclusive.

Tell her how you feel and what your intentions towards her are. Let her know that she’s not just some passing fling and that she can always count on you to be there for her. If, for example, you haven’t met any of her friends or family you can propose to her for things to go slow, but let her know that you would like to get to know her loved ones, when she is ready for that.

You aren’t asking her to marry you, you are simply stating that you don’t want to date other women at the moment and that she is the only one you are interested in, while you are hoping that she feels the same way.

A gift

If you think about giving her a gift to let her know how special she is to you, a bouquet of flowers is nice, but you might want to take into consideration some jewelry that she can wear, as a constant reminder of your affection. Her wearing the jewelry you gave her also represents a statement to the world: she is yours!

You need to give her first the flowers and only after accepting them and your offer, can you bring out the jewelry. Women will always be women so they will always appreciate sincerity and attention and they will always be impressed to see that you make them feel special by giving them a place in your heart.

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