Reasons why she hasnít called you back

Reasons why she hasnít called you back


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Sometimes you are struck so hard by passion, that you lose your mind. It’s a matter of connecting with a person, at an instant. This sensation often makes us believe that what we feel so intense is also felt by the other person. The disappointment comes when you ask yourself “Why hasn’t she called?”.

The phone, such a useful invention, can be our best friend or our worse enemy. When her name appears on the screen, your heart misses a beat, but in complete silence, you go either deaf, or mad.

Woman can get away easy with this problem. We always have our girlfriends by our side to help us solve the mystery of him not calling. We will always find support in our friends, but men on the other side, remain like this: in the dark. Men usually don’t go complaining to their gang that the woman they like hasn’t called. They have to suffer in silence.

Because women can be surprising when it’s about calling back a man, I will share with you some reasons why, which might bring a little light onto this matter.

1. Bad vibe

Because today’s world is so hostile and dangerous, women by instinct, tend to scan your jokes, your remarks or any uncommon self-descriptions. If you made a bad joke or pointed a weird aspect about yourself too soon, your date will be backing off. Don’t expect her to call you back, because she won’t if you gave her any sign that you are hiding something bad inside you. It’s not something personal; women just take precautions by default.

2. Offensive much?

If your ideas are exactly the opposite of her mindset, you might have offended her several times during the date. Some women do not really jump with arguments for their point of view. Some of them just agree with you, even if inside there’s a riot going on. So put yourself in her shoes, would you call a woman with whom you have nothing in common? It’s actually a good thing. It means that the two of you just won’t fit together and you can move on freely.

3. Her ex is back

You have to know this. Not all women you date are past their ex relationship. The woman that you like so much and whom you’ve recently dated might still be in love with her ex. But she dated you, you’re going to say. Well yes, we tend to do so. Sometimes it helps us forget about him, even by falling for you instead. Sadly, most of the times, women find it hard to get over their past relationship, even if they meet other men in the meantime. Perhaps after she dated you, her ex realized that he really wants her and convinced her to go on with the relationship. On this point, there is nothing that you can do. Just let fate take its way.

4. Too anxious

You will make her run away. Over-persistency and a high level of neediness will make her go mad and she will finally ignore you. Don’t call her too many times, don’t text her very often.

Take it easy, when you say something, don’t tell her everything, make room for that edification question. She will grow interest on you if you don’t give her everything from the start. Actually, try and say only half of the things that you really want her to know. She will feel that and ask for more, since women are curios.

5. Personal issues

You have dated her, you had a great connection, everything went perfect and you are settled to meet again. It’s wonderful, but this doesn’t mean that she is free from emotional baggage or even damage. There are so many women who want a real long-term relationship and try to have it several times, finally getting to the conclusion that it’s simply impossible for them to have a constant serious relationship. If your case sounds in any aspect like this one, you should try and make her understand you know her problem, but you will not be getting anywhere unless you face and fight it.

6. No connection

You can be the perfect man, the handsome gentleman, the alpha male or the sex symbol. If she feels no butterflies, she will move on without a word. Not every woman is impressed by a perfect man. Some women tend to look for dangerous men specifically, or at least men with a little bit of damage. Finally, there is no problem, it just means that the two of you don’t match and that’s all. 

Now that you know some general reasons that might be behind her not calling you, let’s establish some phone etiquette.

If you liked her and had a wonderful time together, call her. If it’s the voice mail, leave her a message, something like: “Hello! This is X. I just wanted you to know that I had an amazing time with you. Give me a call!”

If you get no answer from her, wait three days tops and call her again. If the voicemail is still all you can get, you could leave her a message with something like: “This is my second call now. I’m leaving this message to tell you that I would love to see you again. The ball is in your court now.” If you still don’t get any answer from her, let it go and move forward.

Good luck and stay positive!

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