Should men turn to their friends for dating advice

Should men turn to their friends for dating advice?


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To whom do men usually turn to when they have questions about dating? When they have to take a difficult decision it’s a good idea to turn to some professional advice, but most men tend to ask their friends, which generally turns out to be a bad idea.

Who are your friends?

If you have dating issues and you wish to  call on your friends for advice, pause for a minute and picture all of them, are they really capable of helping you solve your issues or not?

Try a little harder and think about how they talk, act, sound, think, how they approach a woman or how they view their life. If you have a clear image in your head, move on to yourself. Try to be as objective as possible.

Now think about the differences between you and your friends, don’t you believe that you are so much alike? So when you ask them relationship related questions, don’t they give you just about the same answer you found on your own, or will you receive a totally different and eye-opening opinion?

Your friends can’t help you.

It’s not actually advised to turn to your friends with such problems because they somehow manage to keep you stuck in the same place. You’re friends probably don’t want to see you change because they’re attached to you and so, they won’t help you evolve, just because they fear that if you do, they might lose you.

This doesn’t happen all of the time, I admit it, but there is another argument you have to face. The problem with asking your friends for advice as I earlier pointed out is that you all might be suffering from the same dating issues.

How to escape this situation.

In order for you to evolve in your relationship and receive the best possible advice, you must try to find answers by yourself and in the case this doesn’t work out, try searching for answers from people who have been through a similar situation: dating experts, acquaintances, or even new friends who have the dating life you yearn after.

It may seem a bit harsh but if you can’t help yourself and neither can your friends, who else can help you solve your dilemmas if not other people who live the life you want to live or those who live to give advice to problems like yours?

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