Three ways in which you can get her number

Three ways in which you can get her number


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If you want to know how to get her number to begin with, you have to know how to attract a woman and more importantly how to initiate a contact with her. You can say that attracting a woman online is similar to attracting one offline, but not entirely.

If you want to get her number online, use these methods.

1.It’s all about the first email.

Be sure that you can’t ask a girl for her number when you don’t even know each other a bit, so make that first email count, otherwise you won’t get to know her, and you  won’t get her number either. Send her an email with an original, creative and humorous introduction and subject line, make it personalized, don’t use any cheesy pick-up lines and be self-confident.

You know you have to rise above the other dozens of men who contact that highly attractive girl every single day. So, being original, funny and creative can help you make her answer your email instead of any other one which is uninteresting or offensive. Women are also looking for a guy whose profile stands out from the rest, and if the two are not written in the same manner, then she will not reply, because she will know that you copied the text. Compliments won’t help you either. Neither will a very long, novel-like email help you get her attention.

2.Maintain a conversation

If you got her to answer you back, then the hard part is kind of over. It’s just about time to prove to her that she made the right choice by replying to you. You should think of ways to maintain a conversation flowing even from the first email. Mainly, you should read her profile and start discussing of what things you have in common or ask her a question about one of her passions. This shows her that you pay attention to her profile and she will be interested in responding you.

You can continue, after she responds, by showing her what you know about the subject you are discussing and you will make her enjoy discussing it with you since she’s interested in it. After you have talked a little, you can try changing the subject to a more personal topic so you can start knowing each other better. You need to know if the girl is worth your time. If she is, you need to get to a point in which you can exchange phone numbers, as quickly as possible.

3.After you get her number.

The best way you can get a girl’s number is by actually asking her out. You other guys are contacting her and there are also some of them afraid to do it, but they will in the end. So, the faster you get her number, the better.

You shouldn’t just come out and ask for her number. This isn’t high school, so try asking for it in a non-threatening way; you can use a little humor so as to try to make her laugh. You also need to know that it depends on the girl, if she gives you her number from the very first day you start talking it’s good, but if she doesn’t, it means you will have to work a little harder for it.

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