Top 10 signs that she is flirting with you

Top 10 signs that she is flirting with you


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Flirting can take place in a club, at a party, in a store, at the library, on the dance floor, at a car wash or workplace. That is everywhere.

When a woman flirts with a man, she gives him all the signals and the opportunity for him to do the first move.

The problem is that many men don’t understand these messages and they miss the opportunity to take her on a date.

I will present you the 10 most important signs that a woman sends when she is into a man.

Pay attention!

Many women are open and friendly with everyone. Noticing just one of these signs is probably not enough for you to understand that she wants you.

But if you are constantly receiving more signs, then you’d better react and you will surely go on a date with her.

1. She is smiling on you

 When a woman is interested in you, you will notice her smile, even in a crowded room. This is one of the most important signs that she is flirting with you. Women who look good and are disturbed by men, don’t smile to just anyone, and they avoid contact with persons whom they don’t want around them. So if she is smiling to you, it means that she wants you to talk to her. Get along with her flirt and smile her back.

2. She is playing with her hair.

If she is interested in you, she will play with her hair, rolling one lock of hair on her fingers or letting her hair fall on her face, using her fingers to remove it from her face, gazing at you while she does that.

If you say hi and she keeps playing, it is a clear message: keep talking to me.

3. She wants to catch your eye. She maintains a direct contact with you through her look.

One of the most obvious signs that a woman is flirting with you is when she keeps looking into your eyes, maintaining eye contact. If the contact lasts longer than usually and she is looking at you from top to bottom, keeping her eyes set on you while she keeps talking or drinking, she already knows that she likes what she’s seeing.

4. She steps away from her friends.

Women know that for a man it may be difficult to approach them when they are in a group. So if she steps away from the group and keeps looking at you, it is a sign that she is giving you the possibility to initiate a private conversation.

5. She is trying to get your attention

If a woman is looking and smiling at you while she is walking next to you or passing through, she most certainly wants you to notice her. Passing by you repeatedly she is definitely showing you that she wants you to notice her.

6. She sits in front of you

When a woman “accidentally” invades your personal space by bumping into you, with a smile on her face or she does anything she can to sit as close to as possible (be it a club, work, or any other kind of space) she is inviting you to initiate contact and become more intimate. Proximity is intimate to a woman because generally women don’t let just anyone to invade their personal space.

The closer she gets the clearer the sign that she is into you.

7. She is the one who starts a conversation

 If she comes to talk to you, she wants to find out as many things as possible about you. She gets involved in the conversation; she turns towards you and listens carefully. Thus, she is showing you through her direct, open questions, that she is interested in you, if you are single, she wants to find out as many personal things as possible, she takes notice about the things you two have in common, your passions. This should show you that she is interested in you.

8. She draws attention to her mouth and lips

A woman’s lips are and can be extremely seductive and they are used for flirting.

One of the most significant gestures that show you that she is flirting with you is to put on lip-gloss, or walk her fingers on her lips.

9. She compliments you

A woman that is flirting with you will tell you words that will flatter you, such as: you are cute; she will compliment your clothes, hair, or something that you mentioned in the prior conversation. If she pays you a compliment it is clearly that she is into you and that she hopes to invite her out. If you are also interested in her, it is best to pay her a compliment too, otherwise she will think that you are self-centered.

10. She touches you

A woman that is flirting with you will find any excuse to touch you. Maybe she will try to touch your shoulders, arm or hand wrist during the conversation, or touch your knees while stating something. If she touches you in any way, and does not withdraw her hand immediately, it is clear that she likes you.

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