A guide for a romantic evening

A guide for a romantic evening


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Every woman craves for romance. Unfortunately, most men do not know how to be romantic. Learn how to make her happy with the help of these tips for a night of romance.

Surprise her

The romance doesn’t have to start at night. Surprise her with an early gift, especially if she has a job, thus giving her the chance to flaunt you in front of her coworkers. Send her something that she likes: flowers, candy, chocolates or something that she mentioned she would really like. Keep the card’s message short and sweet to offer her only a hint of what’s to come. This will make her happy and build the anticipation to see you later on.

Create a romantic mood at home

Select the perfect music, menu and lighting. If you live together, pick a day when she has lots of errands to run, in order for you to have time and prepare everything. You might think about going to a hotel, but this will ruin the element of surprise and costs a lot more. Save this for a special occasion, like an anniversary.

Personalize the music selection

It might be easier to pull out an Enigma album or Al Green’s greatest hits, but she will be thrilled if you would burn a Cd with the songs she likes.

Cook the meal

An expensive restaurant is not all you need for a romantic dinner. If you really want to surprise and truly romance her, you should do the cooking. It will seem more intimate. Even if you do not know how to cook you can still give it a try. Besides, the Internet is there to help you.

Listen to her

Most women love a good listener so, if you are trying to be romantic, make sure you’re paying attention to what she says. That doesn’t mean that you have to be silent. These are some examples of conversation ideas to keep the mood romantic and sensual:

Ask her what she’s thinking about: Yeap, just like that.

Be nostalgic: Reminiscence about a lovely moment you’ve spent together.

Talk about your turn-ons: Is it something you or she did or said that got you in the mood?

Light her fire

Use lots of candles to create a romantic mood in the bedroom. Use candles that represent what she likes: her favorite color, favorite scent and if not, scents that serve as aphrodisiacs such as vanilla or patchouli.

Be inventive in the bedroom

Enhance the setting in ways you’ve never tried before. Rose petals on pillows, sensual massage oil, satin sheets, etc. Try also new acts of intimacy like positions or variations on foreplay. Do something you know she’d like or want to do.

Make it last

Don’t let the romance disappear at the end of the night. The most romantic thing you can do for her is to make sure that you make that romance last.  Surprise her more often, listen to her and keep a supply of candles on hand.

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