A Guide to Dating in Your 30s Part 1

A Guide to Dating in Your 30s Part 1


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You have reached your 30’s and we could safely say that you have already acquired enough experience to know what you want from a relationship. Now you can be confident enough when deciding if you want a temporary relationship or a lifetime of love. Here are some tips that might help you in finding the kind of woman you would like to have in your life and avoid the ones you don’t.

There are several types of women you will meet from now on. One of them is the “ticking biological clock woman”. She is also most probably in her 30’s and she thinks that it is about time to start a family. After a while she wil ask you whether you like children or if you would like to start a family. If this is not your intention at the moment, avoid her at all costs.

You might also meet the divorcee and you will know it because he will tell you from the start. She will generally diss men because of her ex-husband and at the same time she will be happy she is single and available again. If you are looking for passionate, vengeful sex, this is the woman for you.

The rebound woman might also be a lot of fun because she is willing to do anything just to get her mind off her ex. She will enjoy any activity you do together and be very intense about it. If you make her feel comfortable enough, you could have a really passionate and intense affair, but most probably a short-term one.

Then, there is the woman who is always single. You should know that usually there is a reason why she is always single and most probably it is because she cannot decide what she wants from a man. She is often changing her mind and will contradict herself when asked what kind of man she would like to meet. On the other hand, the career woman knows exactly what she wants. She will let you know from the beginning that she has no time for games and she already has a plan figured out for the future. The good news about her is that she is ambitious and generally gets what she wants, but be careful not to become just one aspect of her plan.

Another type of woman you should definitely avoid, unless you can afford her, is the one who expects to be pampered. From the beginning she will be very interested in how much you earn and what you own. She can be yours if you have enough money to keep her satisfied, but never expect too much from her except good sex.

Now you know the types of women you might meet. If you want to know where you can meet them and how to approach them, be ready for Part 2.

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