A Guide to Dating in Your 30s Part 2

A Guide to Dating in Your 30s Part 2


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You have already learnt about the women you might find now that you are in your 30’s. It is time for you to find out where you can meet them and how to approach them.

You may be wondering where you can meet a woman to ask her out. One of the best places could be a cooking class; women really appreciate a man who can cook, so you can impress her with your cooking talent and maybe invite her over for a homemade dinner.

Museums or bookstores are also great places to meet women. You can amaze her with your cultural knowledge and you will also be satisfied to find a smart woman who has the same interests that you have.

Women are most receptive at weddings (if they are single, of course). That romantic environment is a perfect place to approach her and set a future date. A house party at your friends’ place is also a good place to meet a person that spends time with the same people you do and, if she does, it is very likely that you have common interests so you can also ask her to go out, but next time without your friends.

A coffee shop you are used to go to could also be a perfect spot to meet “the one”. You might also seem familiar to her, since you are having coffee at the same place. Buy her a coffee and get to know her better. Who knows, she might be the perfect woman for you.

Now that you know what kind of women you can find and where to find them, you should be confident enough to approach them. You are in your 30’s so you have enough experience to know what you should or should not do, but just for the record, here are some tips that might be useful.

Never use pick up lines because they make you look immature and shallow. I do not think women ever appreciated this kind of approach. You should rather be yourself and introduce yourself to her as the gentlemen you are.

When talking to her, you should be very interested in what she has to say. Pay attention how and what she answers to your questions. Be honest, and also talk about yourself and your interests so that she can get to know the man in front of her. If there is someone who introduced you to her, it might be even better because she will think that the person trusts you enough to make you acquainted. The rest depends on you.

When trying to get her contact info, you might ask for her e-mail address first. She will feel more secure to share it with you than her phone number. Nevertheless, it is likely that she will appreciate the fact that you do not insist on her phone number so she might give it to you anyway. You can also give her your phone number and this way you both have the chance to contact each other. Just make it a casual thing and she will get the message.

Remember, you are a 30 year old guy, you know what you want and now you know how and where to get it from. All you have to do is be yourself and socialize as much as possible.


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