About the dating world

About the dating world


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At about the age of 23, you need just a few things to meet an amazing woman, but it still is a challenge.

First of all, you absolutely need to unlock the mystery of being self-confident. Yep, it’s hard, but once you make it, you will be forever successful.

Secondly, you have to read. Read some good books which will make you a smarter and more charming guy, not an easily manipulated guy.

Learn how to talk with people, not just women. Be original and sassy. It’s recommended to also avoid over-sharing. A little bit of mystery is always welcomed. When someone talks to you be genuinely interested in what he/she has to say. If you are not interested, change the subject or the person. Be true to yourself and don’t fake interest.

Once you know how to communicate and establish social relationships, it’s time to be awesome.

If you read everything about how to become a better communicator but you still have problems with keeping a woman entertained, it’s a sign that you should change your life a little.

Get more exciting hobbies and experiences. If you do that, you will have something to share with your date.

Once you are a good communicator, self-aware and confident, you can start focusing on your career.

My advice is to start doing something which brings you pleasure and it is also fun. Regardless of how little your income is at the beginning of your career, pick something that fits you. If you decide over a well-paid job which you hate, your heart and brain will suffer, so think well before choosing something.

Keep in mind that appearance and first impressions, as superficial as they are, are extremely important nowadays. Dress well, wear clean and tasteful clothes. If women can make an effort, you can do it too.

Before getting involved on online dating sites, learn how to meet and talk to women in real life. Develop your own approaching style and charisma.

Good luck in the world of dating!

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