About the ideal profile of a potential partner

About the ideal profile of a potential partner


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We can overlook some flaws in a partner but when looking for someone special there are some traits that are not negotiable. We become even more flexible as we grow older and we tend to tolerate more in a relationship.

If you join an online dating site, you are required to define some parameters which are supposed to help you filter out women you wouldn’t want to date, based on their religion, political affiliation or looks. This is a tricky process as you may want to date athletic women, but some of the women who might be in your category, may see themselves as average. Another good example is age. You might state in your profile that you do not want to date women over 35, but what if she is 36, great-looking and with a sparkling personality? Also, you might be looking for someone close to you, but what if you find the perfect woman a little bit far from you? Wouldn’t you go some extra five miles?

I am a firm believer that people shouldn’t compromise when it comes to their values or other emotional needs, but when it comes to set some demographic parameters, I recommend you to let it loose a little.

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