Addicted to online dating

Addicted to online dating?


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Have you ever asked yourself if you are addicted to online dating? Have you ever wondered if you could resist stopping to just one woman in real life when the online world offers you so many good options? Here you have some things you should think about and ask yourself about your relationship with online dating sites.

Online dating can be great

It’s pretty easy to sign up and create a decent profile, post a nice picture and say something simple and meaningful about yourself. In a short time you will be amazed by the amount of possible matches and messages. Of course, the feeling is great; it’s like you have to possibility of picking the best candy in the store. You start getting active and sending messages or receiving greetings from different persons. Perhaps you even have success in getting some people’s attention. This will boost your ego and make you feel appreciated and precious. You will then setting up dates and even meeting in person some possible partners.

What now?

So you managed to go out with several persons you met online. Are you trying to grow those relationships or are you becoming super-critical and get back to the computer as soon as you can? There are a lot of cases when online dating gives you the hope for perfection, for something better all the time. It’s good to be selective but if you keep searching for better you will end up chasing dragonflies. You need to give in some time to get to know a person before judging if she is a match or not. If not, you risk passing over some great opportunities.

If you find yourself trapped in the vicious circle of meeting online, dating offline and applying the same scheme to every new person, again and again, you might get dizzy and never be ready for a long-term relationship.

In order to avoid this, you could act and think that you met that person offline, not online, in a more… realistic way, in a coffee shop or in a park. Try and be patient, let that woman unfold in front of you and only after that decide if it’s a good idea to go back online and continue searching. Perhaps what you discover after a few dates with a woman will even make you close your online dating account and remain happily with that woman.  

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