Advice for a better connection with women

Advice for a better connection with women


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When you first meet a woman or when you want to bond with one, you have to learn how to connect with her, understand her and see the world through her eyes.

1. Be there, present and fully focused

Don’t make her feel unattractive or unimportant by looking at other women while she talks to you. When she opens her mouth to tell you something, look straight at her body language, at her lips moving and at her glances. If you do that, she will feel surrounded by your attention and interest. Also, you will get to know her way better.

2. Care about her

Regardless of how long the two of you know each other, try and care about her. Keep your physical attraction towards her, but imply your heart, also.  Get to know her dreams, her fears, her life-changing experiences and insecurities. Remember that a woman is a world ready to be explored so step carefully and attentive.

3. Appreciate and celebrate her presence

Whenever she’s feeling sadness or joy, be there with her, live the same feeling together. Share that moment with her. If it’s about happiness, celebrate together, if it’s about sadness, be near her. Don’t panic and think about how to distract her or make her feel better, just put yourself in her spiritual state.

4. Tell her what feelings she triggers in you

It’s not enough to make her talk about herself and share stories of your childhood. Give her an emotional feedback. When she talks to you about her art projects tell her how that relates with you emotionally. You can phrase it like “When you talked to me about your earthy colors from your painting, I almost feel like near you when you created that piece.”

5. Enjoy the silence

Silence can be sexy if you want it to be. However, silence can be a bonding experience, too. It is said that if you feel comfortable with someone in silence, it means that you are communicating at another level.

6. Use humor with care

If a woman goes through a bad time, you tend to cheer her up with jokes, right? Well, think about that twice. Instead of trying to get her out of that mood by cheap humoristic lines, you should better explain her that you care about her suffering and you would like to help her but you need to know how you can do that. She will definitely appreciate your good intentions and words, be sure of it.

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