Angry online dating profiles

Angry online dating profiles


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Here’s a precious type of online dating profile: The Angry Profile. Perhaps some of you have already read one of these. We are going to debate over this example of a badly written profile.

“READ THIS: I made this dating profile to find someone who fits my requests. Do no contact me in any way if you don’t read this or if you think you are not fit for my requirements.

I don’t lack friends. I have many friends, so don’t write me never-ending emails. I’m looking for long-lasting relationships, not for endless chit-chats. If you are convinced that you want to have a serious thing, feel free to contact me. If not, don’t waste my time and energy. I am really looking for someone committed and serious, I can’t stand indecisive people.”

We all have the same objective

No matter what are the ups and downs of online dating sites, we have to remember that we are all here looking for the same thing - getting to know interesting people.

Some of your online dating profile visitors will not take their time to read your very long profile description. Some just want to look quickly at your photos, to decide if they are attracted to you and if they are, they will send you a message regardless of what you say in your profile description. 

Of course, there are polite visitors too, that read your details. They will read your profile and look at your photos carefully and after that will decide if it’s a good idea to contact you or not. Still, you will hardly know who they are because they usually say nothing to reveal their interest.

A more hard-core version of those visitors who are more interested in your photos than in your profile, are those people who desperately need to interact and find someone. These types of online dating users get into contact with almost anyone, regardless of the person’s wishes. It’s a good idea to just ignore them if you don’t find them appealing and also understand and be nice to them.

Yelling and imposing leads to nowhere

The example of a bad profile description above is an actual manual book written to filter those people who you do not want to interact with. Still, by enforcing such rules and requirements, you distance not only those people who need to back off, but the nice ones, too.

By giving an angry attitude to your profile description, you might scare away potentially good matches, just because you seem so angry and negativistic. The most searched for online daters are those who have a positive attitude, who are kind and approachable or fun. If you are wondering why, it’s because traits like this make people feel good and safe.

Having a positive profile

The best thing you can do is present the best parts of yourself in your profile description, no matter who is going to try and connect with you, because at one point, one out of 5 visitors might be a potential date which you clearly don’t want to lose because you are yelling rules and interdictions in your profile description.

Think well if it’s worth the price of having such a negative attitude in your profile description, just so you can avoid some unwanted matches which will contact you anyway. 

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