Are men picky daters

Are men picky daters?


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As we continue to advance in every aspect of our daily life, the common concept that men aren’t picky when it comes to dating seems to be caused by the fact that they are thought to be willing to sleep with every woman they meet. But is this common belief true?

Physical attractiveness.

To start with, the theory that men would sleep with just about anyone, from a biological point of view is quite true, as long as the woman meets at least a minimum level of attractiveness, a man will be happy to have a sexual intercourse with her.

The level varies from man to man and all of them have a bottom line, and as long as a woman is above that line, a man will feel a strong physical attraction towards her. It is important to know that most men have a lower bottom line then they would like to admit.

Taking into consideration the physical attraction a man feels towards a woman, it is still not enough for him to actually date her or start a relationship with her. This decision is based upon a deeper mental level rather than a physical one.

Where do men become selective?

Men give a lot of thought when choosing a woman to sleep with, date or begin a relationship with, they take many things into consideration, such as social factors, no matter how strong their urges are.

It is generally known that the more attractive a woman is, the man she is seeing, sleeping with or dating is bound to receive a social status, this is why men want to date the most beautiful woman, with disregard for a stronger connection with a less attractive one.

If you can’t usually decide between minimum standards or social status then take a minute to ponder over which of these two drives should guide your date life decisions. Do you want to gain social status by dating a very attractive woman or do you want to date anyone who meets your minimum standards?

The two sides.

It’s not a bad thing to be picky or selective, your social status for example influences the way you feel about yourself, about the woman you are involved with and maybe even affect your view of certain things. Let’s face it, you would much rather prefer to put all your effort into a relationship that makes you feel good, fulfilled and happy, than in one where the appearance of the woman doesn’t suit your own confidence.

But there are also men who prefer a stronger connection, even if the woman is not the hottest in town, helping them boost their self-confidence and making them feel better.

Most men enjoy having casual sex with women they wouldn’t want to have a serious relationship with, and most of them find more benefits being brought into their lives other than a woman looking good on their arms. Try letting your standards a bit more loose and try to enjoy a life where you can actually find the right woman for you, the one that will meet all your needs and help you live a better life. 

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