Are you in love?

Are you in love?


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Love is a slippery creature. When you catch it, you’ll swear to keep it forever. But you see, sometimes men are complicated. When we fall in love we already imagine our future with that woman and have big dreams. Only in one week can all this turn around and we never want to see that woman, again.

Even after 6 months, a man can feel  that he’s in a relationship with the woman of his dreams, only to realize after all that time that it was a fake love. The opposite works too. A man can regularly see a woman for about a year and only then realize that he has profound feelings for her.

In all this chaos, how can a man find his real feelings? Here you have some tips that will probably help you.

Love or no love?

It’s something natural to feel nervous or anxious when you meet a highly attractive woman for the first time. Also, feelings like care and protection can be activated at such an emotional stage.

When things get more serious and you already have some weeks or months spent together and the relationship is still passionate and healthy, you will for sure think that you found a meaningful connection.

Actually, if you found a woman whom you really like, most of the feelings that will surround you will simply look like love, a lot. But this is not necessarily love, it might be just a passion. And it really is passion when the two of you feel so much for each other but are also insecure and in doubt.

All kinds of worries will trouble your mind. The fear of losing her, the fear of her not being “The One” come to mind. You will even start asking yourself if you want to be in a serious relationship. 

If you are in this situation, it’s hard to decide if you even really like her, let alone love her.

Take a moment to cool down

Because the first months of any relationship are so turbulent, you should stop worrying if it’s love or not. It’s almost impossible to say a certain thing in such a fragile position. Take time and just enjoy the ride. Don’t rush things and don’t over-think.

Leave a little bit of space and time to permit yourself to analyze the situation, to evaluate her. Give at least 6 months of knowing each other. Set your mind to “no expectations” and you will see clear. 

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