Are Your Friends Happy For You?

Are Your Friends Happy For You?


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Have you ever experienced being envied and hated because you are involved in a happy romantic relationship? When a close friend gets jealous with your partner it can really shake up your beautiful relationship.

One day you sit down at a beer with your best buddy when your sweetheart appears suddenly. Two minutes ago, your best friend was laughing and having a great time just enjoying a beer with you and now he is all sorrow and silent. What happened that changed his mood? The only thing that can cause him to act so rude is your extremely happy relationship with your partner. What’s the matter with him, right? Well, put yourself in his shoes. Your girlfriend just took you away from him. Plus, he is single since a while and he feels alone and left behind. Flashing all your happiness in front of him can get pretty painful. While you see your woman as a good and beautiful human being he might see her like a selfish and greedy woman simply because she gets to spend more time with you.

Dream Girl

In order to belong to a happy and fun group of friends, your girlfriend must meet certain characteristics. She has to understand your need to be among your buddies. She will view your interaction with them as sweet and childish. Most importantly, she has to respect and appreciate your need to be around them. Also, the ideal woman should be independent and capable to spend some time with her own friends, following her own plans.

Men need to be the best

If your girl is so ideal and hot, your friends might want her too or can’t possibly live with the idea that you found her before any of them did. Even if they are your best friends, when it’s about girls, boys forget most of the rules. Secretly, each man wants to become the alpha male, the leader of the pack’ this means that if your friends see you with a great woman, so happy and romantically successful, it’s obvious that they wish for the same or even better.

How to deal with their envy

The most effective response to envy is no response. If they choose to be miserable just because you are happy, let them be miserable. They should try and do the same as you did instead of whining behind your back that you don’t deserve such a great woman near you.

However, if you still are fond of them, let them know that they are your favorite buddies but you will never neglect your sweetheart. 

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