At date with a single mother

At date with a single mother


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A bachelor’s biggest nightmare is to date a single mother. Nothing can prepare you for the challenge of dating a single mother.

There is no use to get your player attitude on when you want to approach a single mother. Actually, none of the classical approaching styles will work with a single mother. If you heard before that it’s recommended to be sincere and open in your love life and when approaching women, you should hardcore that idea in your brain, especially if you are aiming for a single mother.

It’s a different kind of game

Usually, men are used to the idea of dating as a hunting trip. Actually, most men follow this idea just because it’s in our genetics to search for a good mating partner, for life or for now.

The truth is that dating a woman is more of a marketing game. You have to impress her and show off all your qualities in order for her to choose you as her partner.

An even sadder truth is that men actually have no power in front of a woman. We can show off and use approaching tricks as elaborate as we can, but finally, she is the one who gives us the green or red light of dating. In this light, you can’t say anymore that men have a certain pride in dating, since it all comes from a woman’s approval. However, once men realize and understand this concept, their love life might get easier and luckier.

Single mothers are hot

If you have your eyes set on a yummy mummy, forget about elaborating some strategies and tricks on how to get her attention and trust. It’s more efficient to drop the selfish act and focus on honesty and transparency.

You can’t fool a single mother. She has experience with men and a detecting system for the fake behavior.

Before doing any move towards a single mother, put yourself in her shoes as a woman who has to take care of a child or children all by herself, having to work and date in the same time. You thought that your life is difficult because you won’t be able to arrive in Greece this summer? Well, think about what kind of holidays she had lately, with the child, the job and all.

Get real

As you can see, the main problem in dating a single mother is the thing that she has a “baggage”. She is busier than you, she has to pay more bills, has more stress and more concerns.

Moreover, you realize that you will be always on the second place in her life, right? I mean, a child dominates over a whole planet of men. If you can deal with that, it’s perfect. Perhaps at one time you will get fond of that child, too.

Make sure that she is worth it and focus on making her and her child comfortable around you. You are engaging in a long and bumpy road but usually, a single mother is worth the trouble.

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